Symantec NetBackup Device configuration status code 91 to status code 96


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostGres Databases, flat file backups, etc, and provides various other features. Device configuration status codes appear in exit status and command output for the tpconfig and the tpautoconf commands, and in system or debug logs. Programs that call tpconfig and tpautoconf, such as media and device management user interfaces and the vmoprcmd command, also present these codes.

Below are some of the NetBackup Device configuration status code 91 to status code 96 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

Device configuration status code 91
Message: The drive serial number already exists in the device database.
Explanation: An attempt was made to add a drive with a duplicate serial number.
¦ Examine command output, debug logs, and system logs for a more detailed
message on the error.
See “Setting debug logging to a higher level” in the Troubleshooting Guide.
¦ Verify that the added drive has a unique serial number.

Device configuration status code 92
Message: VxSS access denied
Explanation: A user attempts an operation without adequate permissions
¦ Verify that the user has the correct permissions to perform this operation.
¦ Verify that the authentication and authorization security settings are correct,
under Host Properties in the NetBackup Administration Console.
See the NetBackup Security and Encryption Guide for information on how to
use the Symantec Product Authentication and Authorization Service.

Device configuration status code 93
Message: Database Server is down
Explanation: Arequest was made to theEMMServer, but the underlying database
server does not respond.
¦ Examine command output, debug logs, and system logs for a more detailed
message on the error.
See “Setting debug logging to a higher level” in the Troubleshooting Guide.
¦ This error can occur if a cold catalog backup is in progress. Retry the request
after this operation has completed.

Device configuration status code 95
Message: The requested operation is not valid for the specified Disk Type
Explanation: The storage device you configured is not a disk storage device.
Recommended Action: Select an appropriate storage device.

Device configuration status code 96
Message: The specified Disk Array Host is not configured in NetBackup
Explanation: You must first add this disk array host to the NetBackup host
configuration before this operation can be performed. To view hosts, see nbemmcmd
-listhosts in the NetBackup Commands Reference Guide.
¦ If you try to update an existing host’s credentials, this host no longer exists
in NetBackup. It must be added again by using the tpconfig or the nbemmcmd
¦ The name you entered for the disk array host does not match any of the
computer aliases in the NetBackup computer configuration. Use the nbemmcmd
command to add the fully qualified array host name (or the name entered) to
the computer alias list for your disk array.

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