SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 9324 to Error: 9344



Error: 9324, Severity: 16, %sFound ‘}’ without matching ‘{‘. If you want to use the characters ‘{‘ or ‘}’, you need to escape them as ‘{{‘ or ‘}}’ respectively.
Error: 9325, Severity: 16, %sComputed processing instruction constructors are not supported.
Error: 9326, Severity: 16, %sComputed comment constructors are not supported.
Error: 9327, Severity: 16, %sAll prolog entries need to end with ‘;’, found ‘%ls’.
Error: 9328, Severity: 16, %sType specification expected, found ‘%ls’.
Error: 9330, Severity: 16, %sOnly comparable types are allowed in ‘%ls’, found ‘%ls’.

Error: 9331, Severity: 16, %sSyntax error near ‘%ls’, expected ‘%ls’ or ‘%ls’.
Error: 9332, Severity: 16, %sSyntax error near ‘%ls’, expected ‘where’, ‘(stable) order by’ or ‘return’.
Error: 9333, Severity: 16, %s’//’ followed by ‘self’, ‘parent’ or ‘descendant-or-self’ axes is not supported when it encounters simple typed or ‘http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#anyType’ elements, found ‘%ls’.
Error: 9334, Severity: 16, %sThe ‘form’ attribute cannot be specified on a local attribute or element definition that has the ‘ref’ attribute. Location: ‘%ls’.
Error: 9335, Severity: 16, %sThe XQuery syntax ‘%ls’ is not supported.

Error: 9336, Severity: 16, %sThe XML Schema syntax ‘%ls’ is not supported.
Error: 9337, Severity: 16, %sThe XML Schema type ‘NOTATION’ is not supported.
Error: 9338, Severity: 16, %sThe value of a namespace declaration attribute must be a string literal. It cannot contain expressions.
Error: 9339, Severity: 16, %sThe ‘form’ attribute cannot be specified on a global attribute or element definition. Location: ‘%ls’.
Error: 9340, Severity: 16, %sExplicit import of the current target namespace is invalid. References to items in the current target namespace that have already been loaded in the schema collection will be resolved implicitly.
Error: 9341, Severity: 16, %sSyntax error near ‘%ls’, expected a step expression.
Error: 9342, Severity: 16, %sAn XML instance is only supported as the direct source of an insert using sql:column/sql:variable.
Error: 9343, Severity: 16, %sThe XML instance referred to by sql:column() and sql:variable() must be either untyped XML or must be typed with the same XML schema collection as the context XML instance on which the XML method is being applied to.
Error: 9344, Severity: 16, %sThe SQL type ‘%s’ is not supported with sql:column() and sql:variable().

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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