SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 7686 to Error: 771



Error: 7686, Severity: 10, Cannot use a CONTAINS, FREETEXT, CONTAINSTABLE or FREETEXTTABLE construct on table or indexed view ‘%.*ls’ because none of its columns are full-text indexed. Register at least one column for full-text search using ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX statement.
Error: 7689, Severity: 16, Execution of a full-text operation failed. ‘%ls’
Error: 7690, Severity: 16, Full-text operation failed because database is read only.
Error: 7691, Severity: 16, Access is denied to full-text log path. Full-text logging is disabled for database ‘%ls’, catalog ‘%ls’ (database ID ‘%d’, catalog ID ‘%d’).

Error: 7692, Severity: 16, Full-text catalog path ‘%.*ls’ exceeded %d character limit.
Error: 7693, Severity: 16, Full-text initialization failed to create a memory clerk.
Error: 7694, Severity: 16, Failed to pause catalog for backup. Backup was aborted.
Error: 7696, Severity: 16, Invalid locale ID was specified. Please verify that the locale ID is correct and corresponding language resource has been installed.
Error: 7697, Severity: 10, Warning: Full-text index on table or indexed view ‘%.*ls’ in database ‘%.*ls’ has been changed after full-text catalog files backup. A full population is required to bring full-text index to a consistent state.
Error: 7698, Severity: 16, GROUP BY ALL cannot be used in full text search queries.

Error: 7699, Severity: 16, TYPE COLUMN option is not allowed for column types other than image or varbinary(max).
Error: 7702, Severity: 16, Empty Partition function type-parameter-list is not allowed when defining a partition function.
Error: 7703, Severity: 16, Can not create RANGE partition function with multiple parameter types.
Error: 7704, Severity: 16, The type ‘%.*ls’ is not valid for this operation.
Error: 7705, Severity: 16, Could not implicitly convert range values type specified at ordinal %d to partition function parameter type.
Error: 7706, Severity: 16, Partition function ‘%ls’ is being used by one or more partition schemes.
Error: 7707, Severity: 16, The associated partition function ‘%ls’ generates more partitions than there are file groups mentioned in the scheme ‘%ls’.
Error: 7708, Severity: 16, Duplicate range boundary values are not allowed in partition function boundary values list. Partition boundary values at ordinal %d and %d are equal.
Error: 7709, Severity: 10, Warning: Range value list for partition function ‘%.*ls’ is not sorted by value. Mapping of partitions to filegroups during CREATE PARTITION SCHEME will use the sorted boundary values if the function ‘%.*ls’ is referenced in CREATE PARTITION SCHEME.
Error: 7710, Severity: 10, Warning: The partition scheme ‘%.*ls’ does not have any next used filegroup. Partition scheme has not been changed.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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