SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 6569 to Error: 6588



Error: 6569, Severity: 16, ‘%.*ls’ failed because parameter %d is not allowed to be null.
Error: 6570, Severity: 16, Method ‘%ls’ of class ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’ is generic. Generic methods are not supported.
Error: 6571, Severity: 16, Class ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’ is generic. Generic types are not supported.
Error: 6572, Severity: 16, More than one method, property or field was found with name ‘%ls’ in class ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’. Overloaded methods, properties or fields are not supported.

Error: 6573, Severity: 16, Method, property or field ‘%ls’ of class ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’ is not static.
Error: 6574, Severity: 16, Method, property or field ‘%ls’ of class ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%.*ls’ is not public.
Error: 6575, Severity: 16, Assembly names should be less than %d characters. Assembly name ‘%.*ls’ is too long.
Error: 6576, Severity: 16, Type ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%ls’ is not public.
Error: 6577, Severity: 16, CREATE TYPE failed because type ‘%s’ does not conform to CLR type specification due to interface ‘%s’.
Error: 6578, Severity: 16, Invalid attempt to continue operation after a severe error.
Error: 6579, Severity: 16, Alter assembly from ‘%ls’ to ‘%ls’ is not a compatible upgrade.
Error: 6580, Severity: 16, Declarations do not match for parameter %d. .NET Framework reference and T-SQL OUTPUT parameter declarations must match.

Error: 6581, Severity: 16, Could not find assembly ‘%.*ls’ in directory ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 6582, Severity: 16, Assembly ‘%.*s’ is not visible for creating SQL objects. Use ALTER ASSEMBLY to change the assembly visibility.
Error: 6583, Severity: 16, Assembly ‘%.*s’ cannot be used for creating SQL objects because it is a system assembly.
Error: 6584, Severity: 16, Property or field ‘%ls’ for type ‘%ls’ in assembly ‘%ls’ is not static
Error: 6585, Severity: 16, Could not impersonate the client during assembly file operation.
Error: 6586, Severity: 16, Assembly ‘%.*ls’ could not be installed because existing policy would keep it from being used.
Error: 6587, Severity: 16, Assembly reference ‘%ls’ was redirected by external policy to ‘%ls’
Error: 6588, Severity: 16, Assembly file operations are not allowed for Windows NT users activated by SETUSER.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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