SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 6350 to Error: 6369



Error: 6350, Severity: 16, The definition for xml schema collection ‘%.*ls’ has changed.
Error: 6351, Severity: 16, The xml schema collection for return parameter of module ‘%.*ls’ has been altered while the batch was being executed. Please re-run the batch.
Error: 6352, Severity: 16, Invalid parameter specified. XML Schema Collections can only be created from a string literal, or from a variable typed as a string or untyped XML.
Error: 6353, Severity: 16, Serialization of built-in schemata is not supported.
Error: 6354, Severity: 16, Target string size is too small to represent the XML instance
Error: 6355, Severity: 16, Conversion of one or more characters from XML to target collation impossible
Error: 6356, Severity: 16, Failed to load DLL. Make sure xmlrw.dll exists in the SQL Server installation.

Error: 6357, Severity: 16, Internal error: cannot locate CreateInfoSetReaderEx in xmlrw.dll. You may have an incorrect version of xmlrw.dll.
Error: 6358, Severity: 16, %d is not a valid style number when converting to XML.
Error: 6359, Severity: 16, Parsing XML with internal subset DTDs not allowed. Use CONVERT with style option 2 to enable limited internal subset DTD support.
Error: 6360, Severity: 16, %d is not a valid style number when converting from XML.
Error: 6361, Severity: 16, Invalid null parameter specified. XML Schema Collections can only be created from a non-null value.
Error: 6362, Severity: 16, Alter schema collection cannot be performed because the current schema has a lax wildcard or an element of type xs:anyType.
Error: 6363, Severity: 16, ALTER SCHEMA COLLECTION failed. It cannot be performed on a schema collection that allows laxly validated content and is schema bound. Remove the schema binding before trying to alter the collection.

Error: 6364, Severity: 16, ALTER SCHEMA COLLECTION failed. Revalidation of XML columns in table ‘%.*ls’ did not succeed due to the following reason: ‘%.*ls’. Either the schema or the specified data should be altered so that validation does not find any mismatches.
Error: 6365, Severity: 16, An XML operation resulted an XML data type exceeding 2GB in size. Operation aborted.
Error: 6366, Severity: 16, Invalid type for element ‘%s’. SQL Server does not permit the built-in XML Schema types ‘ID’ and ‘IDREF’ or types derived from them to be used as the type of an element. %S_MSG %s
Error: 6367, Severity: 16, XSD data type ‘%.*ls’ is not allowed for selective XML index ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 6368, Severity: 16, It is not allowed to specify an XSD type for selective XML index ‘%.*ls’ because the column ‘%.*ls’ of table ‘%.*ls’ is associated with an XML Schema collection.
Error: 6369, Severity: 16, MAX_LENGTH option for selective XML index ‘%.*ls’ can be specified only for the types that support maxLength facet.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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