SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 5571 to Error: 5596



Error: 5571, Severity: 23, Internal FILESTREAM error: failed to access the garbage collection table.
Error: 5572, Severity: 23, Internal FILESTREAM error: failed to perform a filesystem operation because of a potential corruption.
Error: 5573, Severity: 10, Internal FILESTREAM error: failed to access the tombstones table with HRESULT: 0x%x.
Error: 5574, Severity: 16, A database cannot be enabled for both FILESTREAM storage and Database Mirroring.
Error: 5575, Severity: 10, Operation ‘%ls’ failed with HRESULT: %ls in file ‘%hs’, line %d while executing sp_filestream_configure.

Error: 5578, Severity: 16, A failure occurred while FILESTREAM configuration was being changed or applied. For more information, see the SQL Server error log.
Error: 5579, Severity: 10, FILESTREAM: effective level = %d, configured level = %d, file system access share name = ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5580, Severity: 16, FILESTREAM InstanceGuid is null. Registry settings might be corrupted.
Error: 5581, Severity: 10, FILESTREAM feature has been disabled. Restart the instance of SQL Server for the settings to fully take effect. If you have data in FILESTREAM columns, it will not be accessible after the SQL Server instance has been restarted.
Error: 5582, Severity: 10, Machine reboot is required before the FILESTREAM feature settings can take effect.
Error: 5583, Severity: 16, The specified value for the enable_level parameter of the sp_filestream_configure stored procedure is not valid. The value must be 0, 1, 2, or 3.

Error: 5584, Severity: 16, Another session is executing the sp_filestream_configure stored procedure. Check the updated configuration settings and retry the operation if necessary.
Error: 5586, Severity: 10, The FILESTREAM feature is already configured to the specified level. No change has been made.
Error: 5590, Severity: 16, FILESTREAM operations are not supported on the platform.
Error: 5591, Severity: 16, FILESTREAM feature is disabled.
Error: 5592, Severity: 16, FILESTREAM feature doesn’t have file system access enabled.
Error: 5593, Severity: 16, FILESTREAM feature is not supported on WoW64. The feature is disabled.
Error: 5594, Severity: 16, The value specified for the computer_name_format parameter of the .%ls() function is not valid.
Error: 5595, Severity: 16, .PhysicalPathName is disabled.
Error: 5596, Severity: 10, FILESTREAM feature configuration might be inconsistent. To reset the configuration, use the sp_configure stored procedure.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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