SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 5075 to Error: 5094



Error: 5075, Severity: 16, The %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ is dependent on %S_MSG. The database collation cannot be changed if a schema-bound object depends on it. Remove the dependencies on the database collation and then retry the operation.
Error: 5076, Severity: 10, Warning: Changing default collation for database ‘%.*ls’, which is used in replication. All replication databases should have the same default collation.
Error: 5077, Severity: 16, Cannot change the state of non-data files or files in the primary filegroup.
Error: 5078, Severity: 16, Cannot alter database options for “%ls” because it is READONLY, OFFLINE, or marked SUSPECT.

Error: 5079, Severity: 10, Database “%.*ls” is %S_MSG for vardecimal storage format.
Error: 5080, Severity: 16, Vardecimal storage format cannot be disabled for database “%.*ls” because the database is not under simple recovery model. Change the database recovery model to simple and then reissue the command.
Error: 5081, Severity: 16, The value for change tracking option ‘%ls’ is not valid. The value must be a positive number.
Error: 5082, Severity: 16, Cannot change the versioning state on database “%.*ls” together with another database state.
Error: 5083, Severity: 16, The termination option is not supported when making versioning state changes.
Error: 5084, Severity: 10, Setting database option %ls to %ls for database ‘%.*ls’.

Error: 5085, Severity: 16, Alter database command failed because SQL Server was started with one or more undocumented trace flags that prevent enabling/disabling database for versioning.
Error: 5086, Severity: 16, Cannot disable vardecimal storage format for database “%.*ls” because there are one or more tables that have vardecimal storage format enabled. Disable the vardecimal storage format on all tables before disabling the vardecimal storage format for the data
Error: 5087, Severity: 16, The file content type mismatches with the content type of the filegroup.
Error: 5088, Severity: 16, Change tracking is already enabled for database ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 5089, Severity: 16, Change tracking is disabled for database ‘%.*ls’. Change tracking must be enabled on a database to modify change tracking settings.
Error: 5090, Severity: 16, Database ‘%.*ls’ is a system database. Change tracking settings cannot be modified for system databases.
Error: 5091, Severity: 15, ALTER DATABASE change tracking option ‘%ls’ was specified more than once. Each option can be specified only once.
Error: 5092, Severity: 15, The value for change tracking option ‘%ls’ is not valid. The value must be between %d and %d minutes.
Error: 5093, Severity: 16, The operation cannot be performed on a database snapshot.
Error: 5094, Severity: 16, The operation cannot be performed on a database with database snapshots or active DBCC replicas.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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