SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 33211 to Error: 33230


Error: 33211, Severity: 15, A list of subentities, such as columns, cannot be specified for entity-level audits.

Error: 33212, Severity: 15, There is an invalid column list after the object name in the AUDIT SPECIFICATION statement.
Error: 33213, Severity: 16, All actions in an audit specification statement must be at the same scope.
Error: 33214, Severity: 17, The operation cannot be performed because SQL Server Audit has not been started.
Error: 33215, Severity: 10, One or more audits failed to start. Refer to previous errors in the error log to identify the cause, and correct the problems associated with each error.

Error: 33216, Severity: 10, SQL Server was started using the -f flag. SQL Server Audit is disabled. This is an informational message. No user action is required.
Error: 33217, Severity: 10, SQL Server Audit is starting the audits. This is an informational message. No user action is required.
Error: 33218, Severity: 10, SQL Server Audit has started the audits. This is an informational message. No user action is required.
Error: 33219, Severity: 10, The server was stopped because SQL Server Audit ‘%.*ls’ is configured to shut down on failure. To troubleshoot this issue, use the -m flag (Single User Mode) to bypass Audit-generated shutdowns when the server is starting.
Error: 33220, Severity: 16, Audit actions at the server scope can only be granted when the current database is master.
Error: 33221, Severity: 16, You can only create audit actions on objects in the current database.
Error: 33222, Severity: 10, Audit ‘%.*ls’ failed to %.*ls. For more information, see the SQL Server error log. You can also query sys.dm_os_ring_buffers where ring_buffer_type = ‘RING_BUFFER_XE_LOG’.
Error: 33223, Severity: 16, ALTER SERVER AUDIT requires the STATE option to be specified without using any other options.
Error: 33224, Severity: 16, The specified pattern did not return any files or does not represent a valid file share. Verify the pattern parameter and rerun the command.
Error: 33225, Severity: 16, The specified values for initial_file_name and audit_record_offset do not represent a valid location within the audit file set. Verify the file name and offset location, and then rerun the command.

Error: 33226, Severity: 10, The fn_get_audit_file function is skipping records from ‘%.*ls’ at offset %I64d.
Error: 33227, Severity: 16, The specified value for QUEUE_DELAY is not valid. Specify either 0 or 1000 and higher.
Error: 33228, Severity: 16, You cannot configure SQL Server Audit to shutdown the server because you do not have the permission to shut down the server. Contact your system administrator.
Error: 33229, Severity: 16, Changes to an audit specification must be done while the audit specification is disabled.
Error: 33230, Severity: 16, An audit specification for audit ‘%.*ls’ already exists.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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