SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 23117 to Error: 23505



Error: 23117, Severity: 16, File-backed item does not exist {ItemId: %ls}.
Error: 23200, Severity: 16, ItemId of folder ‘%ls’ not found.
Error: 23201, Severity: 16, Share ‘%ls’ does not exist in Catalog.
Error: 23202, Severity: 16, Could not delete Share ‘%ls’ in Catalog.
Error: 23203, Severity: 16, Store item not found in Catalog.
Error: 23204, Severity: 16, Could not delete Store item in Catalog.

Error: 23205, Severity: 16, Store database name not found in Catalog.
Error: 23206, Severity: 16, Could not create share to the ItemPath ‘%ls’.
Error: 23207, Severity: 16, Could not add Share item for ‘%ls’ in Catalog.
Error: 23208, Severity: 16, ItemPath ‘%ls’ does not exist in Store.
Error: 23209, Severity: 16, Could not update Store state in Catalog.
Error: 23210, Severity: 16, Itempath ‘%ls’ is a file-backed item or within it’s sub-tree.

Error: 23211, Severity: 16, Could not start Store Manager. Please look in WinFS UT Log for details.
Error: 23212, Severity: 16, Itempath ‘%ls’ is a compound item.
Error: 23500, Severity: 16, Item container does not exist.
Error: 23501, Severity: 16, Owning Item does not exist.
Error: 23502, Severity: 16, NamespaceName is empty or exceeds the maximum length.
Error: 23503, Severity: 16, Invalid Source endpoint type
Error: 23504, Severity: 16, Invalid Target endpoint type
Error: 23505, Severity: 16, A File-backed item must be a compound item type.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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