SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 20586 to Error: 20605



Error: 20586, Severity: 16, (default destination)
Error: 20587, Severity: 16, Invalid ‘%s’ value for stored procedure ‘%s’.
Error: 20588, Severity: 16, The subscription is not initialized. Run the Distribution Agent first.
Error: 20589, Severity: 10, Agent profile for replicated queued transaction reader.
Error: 20590, Severity: 16, The article property ‘status’ cannot include bit 64, ‘DTS horizontal partitions’ because the publication does not allow data transformations.

Error: 20591, Severity: 16, Only ‘DTS horizontal partitions’ and ‘no DTS horizontal partitions’ are valid ‘status’ values because the publication allows data transformations.
Error: 20592, Severity: 16, ‘dts horizontal partitions’ and ‘no dts horizontal partitions’ are not valid ‘status’ values because the publication does not allow data transformations.
Error: 20593, Severity: 16, Cannot modify publication ‘%s’. The sync_method cannot be changed to ‘native’, or ‘concurrent’ because the publication is enabled for heterogeneous subscribers.
Error: 20594, Severity: 16, A push subscription to the publication exists. Use sp_subscription_cleanup to drop defunct push subscriptions.

Error: 20595, Severity: 16, Skipping error signaled.
Error: 20596, Severity: 16, Only ‘%s’ or members of db_owner can drop the anonymous agent.
Error: 20597, Severity: 10, Dropped %d anonymous subscription(s).
Error: 20598, Severity: 16, The row was not found at the Subscriber when applying the replicated command.

There are many reasons on why you may see the above error. Below are some of the causes of this error.

– It could be possible that some user or some application process may be deleteing or updating rows on the subscriber.

– a Non-Synchronous subscription was done and not all the data was present on the subscriber that was on the publisher when the no-sync subscription was created.

– Triggers on subscriber tables modifying data on the subscriber can cause this error.

– multiple publications publishing data to the same subscription server where one publication could contain child rows and one publication containing parent rows. The child rows arrive before the parents.

– This may be result of an bug in the SQL Server product.
Error: 20599, Severity: 16, Continue on data consistency errors.
Error: 20600, Severity: 10, Agent profile for skipping data consistency errors. It can be used only by SQL Server Subscribers.
Error: 20601, Severity: 10, Invalid value specified for agent parameter ‘SkipErrors’.
Error: 20602, Severity: 10, The value specified for agent parameter ‘SkipErrors’ is too long.
Error: 20603, Severity: 10, The agent profile cannot be used by heterogeneous Subscribers.
Error: 20604, Severity: 10, You do not have permissions to run agents for push subscriptions. Make sure that you specify the agent parameter ‘SubscriptionType’.
Error: 20605, Severity: 10, Invalidated the existing snapshot of the publication. Run the Snapshot Agent again to generate a new snapshot.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

Hope this was helpful.

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