SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 14216 to Error: 14235



Error: 14216, Severity: 10, Job Target Servers:
Error: 14217, Severity: 10, SQL Server Warning: ‘%s’ has performed a forced defection of TSX server ‘%s’. Run sp_delete_targetserver at the MSX in order to complete the defection.
Error: 14218, Severity: 10, hour
Error: 14219, Severity: 10, minute
Error: 14220, Severity: 10, second

Error: 14221, Severity: 16, This job has one or more notifications to operators other than ‘%s’. The job cannot be targeted at remote servers as currently defined.
Error: 14222, Severity: 16, Cannot rename the ‘%s’ operator.
Error: 14223, Severity: 16, Cannot modify or delete operator ‘%s’ while this server is a %s.
Error: 14224, Severity: 10, Warning: The server name given is not the current MSX server (‘%s’).
Error: 14225, Severity: 16, Warning: Could not determine local machine name. This

prevents MSX operations from being posted.
Error: 14226, Severity: 10, %ld history entries purged.
Error: 14227, Severity: 10, Server defected from MSX ‘%s’. %ld job(s) deleted.
Error: 14228, Severity: 10, Server MSX enlistment changed from ‘%s’ to ‘%s’.
Error: 14229, Severity: 10, Server enlisted into MSX ‘%s’.
Error: 14230, Severity: 10, SP_POST_MSX_OPERATION: %ld %s download instruction(s) posted.
Error: 14231, Severity: 10, SP_POST_MSX_OPERATION Warning: The specified %s (‘%s’) is not involved in a multiserver job.
Error: 14232, Severity: 16, Specify either a job_name, job_id, or an originating_server.
Error: 14233, Severity: 16, Specify a valid job_id (or 0x00 for all jobs).
Error: 14234, Severity: 16, The specified ‘%s’ is invalid (valid values are returned by %s).
Error: 14235, Severity: 16, The specified ‘%s’ is invalid (valid values are greater than 0 but excluding %ld).

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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