SQL Server Errors or Failures Error: 3134 to Error: 3155



Error: 3134, Severity: 10, The differential base attribute for file ‘%ls’ of database ‘%ls’ has been reset because the file has been restored from a backup taken on a conflicting recovery path. The restore was allowed because the file was read-only and was consistent with the curre,
Error: 3135, Severity: 16, The backup set in file ‘%ls’ was created by %hs and cannot be used for this restore operation.,
Error: 3136, Severity: 16, This differential backup cannot be restored because the database has not been restored to the correct earlier state.,

Error: 3137, Severity: 16, Database cannot be reverted. Either the primary or the snapshot names are improperly specified, all other snapshots have not been dropped, or there are missing files.,
Error: 3138, Severity: 16, The database cannot be reverted because FILESTREAM BLOBs are present.,
Error: 3139, Severity: 16, Restore to snapshot is not allowed with the master database.,
Error: 3140, Severity: 16, Could not adjust the space allocation for file ‘%ls’.,
Error: 3141, Severity: 16, The database to be restored was named ‘%ls’. Reissue the statement using the WITH REPLACE option to overwrite the ‘%ls’ database.,
Error: 3142, Severity: 16, File “%ls” cannot be restored over the existing “%ls”. Reissue the RESTORE statement using WITH REPLACE to overwrite pre-existing files, or WITH MOVE to identify an alternate location.,
Error: 3143, Severity: 16, The data set on device ‘%ls’ is not a SQL Server backup set.,

Error: 3144, Severity: 16, File ‘%.*ls’ was not backed up in file %d on device ‘%ls’. The file cannot be restored from this backup set.,
Error: 3145, Severity: 16, The STOPAT option is not supported for databases that use the SIMPLE recovery model.,
Error: 3147, Severity: 16, Backup and restore operations are not allowed on database tempdb.,
Error: 3148, Severity: 16, This RESTORE statement is invalid in the current context. The ‘Recover Data Only’ option is only defined for secondary filegroups when the database is in an online state. When the database is in an offline state filegroups cannot be specified.,
Error: 3149, Severity: 16, The file or filegroup “%ls” is not in a valid state for the “Recover Data Only” option to be used. Only secondary files in the OFFLINE or RECOVERY_PENDING state can be processed.,
Error: 3150, Severity: 10, The master database has been successfully restored. Shutting down SQL Server.,
Error: 3151, Severity: 21, Failed to restore master database. Shutting down SQL Server. Check the error logs, and rebuild the master database. For more information about how to rebuild the master database, see SQL Server Books Online.,
Error: 3153, Severity: 16, The database is already fully recovered.,
Error: 3154, Severity: 16, The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing ‘%ls’ database.,
Error: 3155, Severity: 16, The RESTORE operation cannot proceed because one or more files have been added or dropped from the database since the backup set was created.,

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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