SQL Server 2016 Can Be Installed on Linux

As a SQL Server DBA, we never would have expected that Microsoft will someday support installing and running SQL Server instance on a linux machine, but it has come true as a surprise, as Microsoft confirmed in their official website about the same. Refer here for more information. Since the inception of SQL Server, it was never supported or possible to install SQL Server on a linux Operating System. Although, some baby steps on this was started, when SQL Server was supported to run on Windows Core. Since many years Microsoft had a firm stand on not supporting its applications on different Operating System platforms, but with changing world, Microsoft had to change its view as well. There has been mixed response from the SQL Server community regarding this move.

One of the main reasons sighted by Microsoft regarding this move was taking into consideration clients who preferred to use Linux operating System, but wanted to use SQL Server. As SQL Server was not supported to run on Linux, many organizations have moved away from SQL Server as they do not want to get stuck with Microsoft suite, which benefited oracle and other open source technologies like MySQL. With this move, now SQL Server will be picked up by many organizations which are running linux or other open source applications. Although this news has been received positively across the SQL Server and other platforms community, still there are many questions about the stability and performance of SQL Server running in linux operating system. Once we have more details on this and people start installing the SQL Server on linux, we get more details about the problems that arise while installing SQL Server in linux and trouble administering the SQL Server on linux. Also, it would be interesting to see how the performance would differ, while SQL Server running on Windows and linux systems with same hardware.

This will be a benefit for the SQL Server DBAs as they will now get an opportunity or even forcefully have to learn working with linux operating system, which mostly operates through commands better. Most SQL Server DBA’s get stuck with knowing only windows operating system, which makes it difficult for them to lean other RDBMS products like Oracle or MySQL as they can run on both Windows as well as linux operating systems. Oracle/MySQL DBA’s had more feasibility to learn SQL Server, than SQL Server DBA’s leaning Oracle or MySQL, now this will change. Also, this will change the mindset of the SQL Server DBA’s to understand the importance of managing or administering SQL Server and operating system though commands, rather than GUI. There is still a long way to go, as it is expected that there are many challenges on the way for the SQL Server to work seamlessly on linux operating as it works on Windows operating System. This will bring more customer adopt SQL Server product, thus opening more DBA jobs. Also DBA’s who like challenging tasks would love this move, as it is completely new and no or very little documentation will be ever on this, which makes their job more challenging and interesting.

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2016

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