SQL Server 2008 SP4 has Been Released

SQL Server 2008 SP4 has been released today 30 Sep 2014. You can download here the SQL Server 2008 SP4

You may right away download the install the SP4 on a test server or wait for the release of CU1 for SP4 and install both of them together. It is normal good practice to first install the newly released service pack and CU1 together. Important thing is to first install the SP4 on test server to make sure that the service pack does not break the application after its installation.

Some of the common terminology of various SQL Server releases or patches.

Community Technology Preview (CTP) – Community Technology Previews are beta releases. Before release of actual RTM version, multiple CTM versions are released for testing purposes and fix any issues reported before releasing the official product.

Release Candidate (RC) – Release candidate is a version of a program or product that is functional, but not quite ready to be released to the consumer market.

Released To Manufacturing (RTM) – It is the official and full product, and is a released build version of the product, what we get on the DVD or when you download the ISO file from MSDN. This is the product which we install on production and non-production servers and is fully supported by Microsoft in case of any issues.

Cumulative Update (CU) – Cumulative updates contain the bug fixes and enhancements–up to that point in time–that have been added since the previous Service Pack release and will be contained in the next service pack release. Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack. Cumulative Updates are not fully regression tested.

Service Pack (SP) – Larger collection of CU’s, hotfixes and additional fixes that have been fully regression tested. In some cases also has additional product enhancements.

General Distribution Release (GDR) – GDR packages contain only security and critical stability issue fixes. GDR fixes does not contain any of the CU updates.

Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) – Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) are now referred as Limited Distribution Release (LDR). QFE and LDR may be used synonymously. LDR/QFE updates include CU fixes. LDR packages contain “other” fixes that have not undergone as extensive testing, and resolve issues that only a fraction of the millions of Windows users might ever encounter.

Hope this was helpful.

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