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Most applications have some key difficulties, for example, high productivity, business esteem, complex equipment arrangements, monstrous crests on interest, and agreeing to industry and corporate regulations. Considering every one of these components and building an undertaking evaluation innovation can be extremely difficult. Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategy gives backing to customary, private cloud, open cloud, and cross breed cloud situations to beat these key difficulties.

At the point when your business obliges an adaptable IT foundation that can scale on interest, you can assemble a private cloud in your server farm or an open cloud in Windows Azure worldwide server farms. When you extend your server farm to meet general society cloud, you construct a mixture cloud model.

By utilizing Microsoft advancements, you can run code both on-premises and in the cloud, run in the cloud utilizing on-premises information, or run totally in the cloud utilizing more than one server farm. In this way, you can move your applications to the cloud at your own particular pace while protecting the benefit of existing legacy IT speculations.

There are half breed cloud situations that compass from on-premises SQL Server to Windows Azure open cloud offerings: SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Windows Azure Storage. Particularly which are

Backup and Restore Databases to/from Windows Azure Storage – A standout amongst the most major chairman assignments is going down and restoring databases. With SQL Server and Windows Azure, you can securely reinforcement your databases in the cloud.
Maintain Database Replicas on Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Having a stable catastrophe recuperation answer for your databases is fundamental for your business’ prosperity. Most clients need to design a catastrophe recuperation site and buy extra equipment for database copies. With SQL Server and Windows Azure, you can keep up one or more copies of your databases in the cloud.
Store SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure Storage – Putting away on-premises SQL Server information documents in Windows Azure Storage gives an adaptable, solid, and boundless off-site stockpiling for your databases. Beginning with SQL Server 2014, you can utilize another highlight, SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure, to store SQL Server database records in Windows Azure Storage. With this highlight, you can move information and log documents from on-premises database into Windows Azure Storage, while keeping the register hub of SQL Server running on-premises. This highlight empowers you to have boundless capacity limit in Windows Azure Storage.
Migrate existing SQL Server databases to Windows Azure Virtual Machines – The distributed computing conveys some key advantages to endeavors, for example, boundless virtualized assets are accessible for you on a pay-every utilization premise, you can influence openly accessible cloud server farms instead of building out and oversee server farms all alone, and consequently you can lower IT and equipment costs.

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2014


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