Missing SQL Server management Studio

I have installed SQL Server 2012 Evaluation Edition on my laptop which is Windows 7 Professional. Due to some issues, I had to uninstall the SQL Server for some time. After few days, I reinstalled the SQL Server 2012 Evaluation Edition using the same setup media which I used before to install on the same laptop. Installation completed successfully and I can see the SQL Server services from the services console, but the problem I was facing was that I could not see SQL Server Management Studio.

– I have looked at Start -> All Programs -> SQL Server 2012 -> Could not see SQL Server Management Studio


SQL Server Management Studio Missing

– Tried to install the SQL Server Management Studio again using the Setup, but the setup wizard shows that SSMS Basic and Advanced are already installed.

– Searched for SQL Server Management Studio on the file system, but could not find it.
– Verified the configuration state from the registry(Start -> run -> regedit)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\110\ConfigurationState

Updated the “SQL_SSMS_Adv” key value from 3 to 1

– Started the repair of the SQL Server instance and Shared features which finished successfully, but still could not find the SSMS
– I ran SQL Server 2012 Setup Discovery Report which shows me that the Management Tools – Basic and Management Tools – Complete are present.
– Restarted my laptop.
– Started the installation of Shared features which completed successfully.

Now I was able to see SQL Server Management Studio and I could open and use it without any issues.

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