List of SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition Features

There are some new features introduced with SQL Server 2014 and some are being changed to support advanced functions. Below are some of the top SQL Server 2014 features supported by SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition, Evaluation Edition, Developer Edition, Business Intelligence Edition.

Server Core support
Log Shipping
Database mirroring
Backup compression
Database snapshot
Alwayson Failover Cluster Instances
AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Connection Director
Online page and file restore
Online indexing
Online schema change

Fast recovery
Mirrored backups
Hot Add Memory and CPU
Database Recovery Advisor
Encrypted Backup
Smart Backup
Multi-instance support
Table and index partitioning
Data compression
Resource Governor
Partition Table Parallelism
Multiple Filestream containers
NUMA Aware Large Page Memory and Buffer Array Allocation
Buffer Pool Extension
IO Resource Governance
In-Memory OLTP
Delayed durability
Basic Auditing
Fine Grained Auditing
Transparent database encryption
Extensible Key Management
User-Defined Roles
Contained Databases
Encryption for Backups
SQL Server change tracking
Merge replication
Transactional replication
Snapshot replication
Heterogeneous subscribers
Oracle publishing
Peer to Peer transactional replication
Policy automation
Performance data collector
Standard performance reports
Plan guides and plan freezing for plan guides
Direct query of indexed views
Automatic indexed view maintenance
Distributed partitioned views
Parallel indexed operations
Automatic use of indexed view by query optimizer
Parallel consistency check
Change Data Capture Service for Oracle by Attunity
Change Data Capture Designer for Oracle by Attunity
High performance Oracle destination
High performance Teradata destination
SAP BW source and destination
Data mining model training destination adapter
Dimension processing destination adapter
Partition processing destination adapter
Change Data Capture components by Attunity
Connector for Open Database Connectivity
Create cubes without a database
Auto-generate staging and data warehouse schema
xVelocity memory optimized columnstore indexes

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2014


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