List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2014 SP1 – Part 5


With every release of SQL Server product or subsequent service packs or Cumulative updates, new bugs are encountered or discovered. Below are some of the bugs which were fixed with the release of Service Pack 1 (SP 1) for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

VSTS BUG Number 2581192
Transaction Replication logging improvement:
To help troubleshoot transaction replication performance issues, add verbose message to the stats in history tables and more detailed messages in the agent logs.
VSTS BUG Number 2581222
SSMS Crashes during Movement of Maintenance Plan tasks if the Maintenance Plan name the first SUB_PLAN name are the same.
VSTS BUG Number 2581197
The end SCOPE statement does not match the opening SCOPE statement.
VSTS BUG Number 2581377
“ACTIONABLE_HEAP_CORRUPTION” when SSRS configuration file is parsed by using an invalid InstanceId.
VSTS BUG Number 2581382
Provides platform information in the log of SSRS 2014

VSTS BUG Number 2733205
“Action was not found” message when selecting Facets option from the context menu of a Report Server instance in object explorer
VSTS BUG Number 2841734
Exception occurs when you execute the SQL Server 2014 cumulative update package (for example SQLServer2014-KB2967546-x64.exe) with the command-line switch /?
VSTS BUG Number 3143194
LOB reads are shown as zero when “SET STATISTICS IO” is on during executing a query with clustered columnstore index.
VSTS BUG Number 3506361
Some shared components could not be patched for later servicing when SSDT BI version 12.0.2299.1 and SQL Server 2014 are installed side by side.
VSTS BUG Number 3731350

When you use features that rely on log pool cache (for example, Always On) on systems with multiple sockets, you may notice high values for “log write waits” counter. Before SP1, you have to enable trace flag T9024 to activate the fix for this issue in SQL Server 2014. Starting SP1, you do not have to manually add the trace flag, as the fix is already included. For more information, see FIX: High “log write waits” counter value on an instance of SQL Server 2012.
VSTS BUG Number 3732057
When your instance of SQL Server is handling thousands of connection resets because of connection pooling, performance problems occur when database lock activity increases in SQL Server. The issue is fixed in CU1 for SQL Server 2014, and you have to add a trace flag T1236 to start parameters to activate the fix. Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2014 includes this fix by default and you do not have to add any trace flags to activate the fix. For more information, see FIX: Performance problems occur when database lock activity increases in SQL Server.
VSTS BUG Number 3909490
Error 4819 occurs for some combination of database schema and data when the fast load context (TF610) for bulk load and TF4199 are enabled.
VSTS BUG Number 3938420
Cannot upgrade a SQL Server instance to SQL Server 2014 because SQL Server Agent JOBS directory is missing, and the system is in an incomplete state.

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