List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2014 CU7 – Part 2


With every release of SQL Server product or subsequent service packs or Cumulative updates, new bugs are encountered or discovered. Below are some of the bugs which were fixed with the release of Cumulative update package (CU) 7 for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

MSDN Support KB Article 3036601
FIX: Add three stored procedures to clean up history that is created when you use SQL Server 2012 or 2014 MDS Master Data Services (MDS)
MSDN Support KB Article 3036330
FIX: Cannot use SQL Server 2014 SQL Profiler to connect to an instance of SQL Server 2005 Management Tools
MSDN Support KB Article 3038331
FIX: Query that contains subscription parameters is fired multiple times when you create a new subscription in SSRS Reporting Services

MSDN Support KB Article 3038267
FIX: Error “[BC30494] line is too long” occurs when you upload an SSRS report to Reporting Services Report Manager Reporting Services
MSDN Support KB Article 3037624
FIX: Complex parallel query does not respond in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 SQL performance
MSDN Support KB Article 3046893
FIX: Inconsistent data when you add a date before March 1, 1900 in the MDS add-in for Excel in SQL Server 2014 MDS

MSDN Support KB Article 3053040
FIX: Hidden MDS data entries are deleted unexpectedly when you use the Master Data Services Add-in for Microsoft Excel in SQL Server 2014 MDS
MSDN Support KB Article 3023620
FIX: Continuous refreshes occur after you configure scheduled data refresh in PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 Analysis Services
MSDN Support KB Article 3020750
FIX: Error or blank page when you click the workbook link under “Data Refresh – Recent Activity” Analysis Services
MSDN Support KB Article 3025968
FIX: SSRS pages contain unlabeled check boxes in the detailed view Reporting Services

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2014

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