List of Bugs Fixed in SQL Server 2014 CU4 – Part 1


With every release of SQL Server product or subsequent service packs or Cumulative updates, new bugs are encountered or discovered. Below are some of the bugs which were fixed with the release of Cumulative update package (CU) 4 for Microsoft SQL Server 2014.

KB Article 2924996
FIX: Issues when you export a report to PDF that has Unicode fonts in SQL Server Reporting Services
KB Article 2962767
FIX: “Cannot insert duplicate key” error occurs when you update a table by using a bitmap index that contains a partition key in SQL Server SQL performance
KB Article 2963137
FIX: Incorrect result is returned when you query multiple dimension members in MDX and DAX in SSAS 2012 or SSAS 2014 Analysis Services

KB Article 2963138
FIX: Parallel deadlock or self-deadlock occurs when you run a query that results in parallelism in SQL Server SQL service
KB Article 2965069
FIX: Incorrect result when you execute a query that uses WITH RECOMPILE option in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 SQL performance
KB Article 2965654
FIX: SSRS 2012 or SSRS 2014 report is cut horizontally after you apply Update MS13-088 on a computer Reporting Services
KB Article 2965922
FIX: Issue when you configure scheduled data refresh for the PowerPivot workbook in SharePoint 2013 BI Azure
KB Article 2967103
FIX: Service broker stops working when you unregister and remove a session in SQL Server SQL service
KB Article 2967594
FIX: Fatal exception when you run a query that contains CLR functions against an indexed view in SQL Server SQL service
KB Article 2970421
FIX: The database sticks in role configuration phase when you perform a manual failover of a mirrored database

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2014

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