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Recently Microsoft has made an announcement about the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016. Although the announcement is made, first there will be few CTP releases used by community users and few company’s to test the new SQL Server 2016 product and to send their feedback and any bugs with the product. As days progress, Microsoft SQL Server team will work and fix and issues or bugs reported on the product and its features and ship newer updated versions. After CTP releases, once SQL Server team is confident, they will go ahead with the announcement about the official release of the product. No matter, how much ever testing is done on the new SQL Server 2016, still there will be log of bugs which will uncover while the product is being deployed on to our servers, which is because there are wide variety of environments which are all different, this testing for all kinds of environments in not possible. Sometimes there are silly bugs which end up due to improper testing.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 team has announced new features or enhancements to the existing features to make the SQL Server product much better and scalable and tighter integration with the SQL Azure. Below are some of the new SQL Server 2016 features or enhancements to existing features in SQL Server 2016.
Enhancement to In-Memory OLTP Technology – Microsoft SQL Server 2016 team claims that the in-memory OLTP transaction will be 30X faster and in-memory ColumnStore Real-time operational analytics will be 100X faster.
Always Encrypted – SQL Server 2016 team claims that this technology will help in protecting the data at rest and in motion, for on-premises and in the cloud, with master keys sitting with the application, without any application changes.

Enhancements to High Availability features like with the ability to have up to three synchronous secondary replicas, MSDTC support, and load balancing of the secondary replicas.
Scale and Manage expected to enhance the performance, scalability and usability across SQL Server Enterprise Information Management tools and Analysis Services.
Powerful Insights on any Device – Business insights through rich visualizations on mobile devices. Native apps for Windows, iOS and Android. New modern reports for all browsers.
Advanced Analytics at massive scale – Built-in advanced analytics provide the scalability and performance benefits of running your advanced analytical algorithms directly in SQL Server.
Stretch Database – SQL Server 2016 team claims that this technology keeps your historical data at your fingertips by transparently and stretching your warm and cold OLTP data to Microsoft Azure on-demand without application changes.
Temporal Database to Track historical changes.
Enhanced Database Caching – Cache data with automatic, multiple TempDB files per instance in multi-core environments.
Easy migration of on-premises SQL Server using simple steps to migration to SQL Azure.

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

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