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Microsoft has made an announcement regarding the new and latest plans about next release of SQL Server which is SQL Server 2016. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced SQL Server 2016, as an intelligent platform for a mobile first, cloud first world. The significant arrival of Microsoft’s lead database and examination stage gives achievement execution to mission basic applications and more profound bits of knowledge on your information crosswise over on-premises and cloud. Some of the latest features that may come up with SQL Server 2016 are as mentioned below which are reported in the technet blog.

Always Encrypted – With Always Encrypted, SQL Server can perform operations on encrypted data and best of all, the encryption key resides with the application in the customers trusted environment. Encryption and decryption of data happens transparently inside the application which minimizes the changes that have to be made to existing applications.

Stretch Database – This technology allows you to dynamically stretch your warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure, so your operational data is always at hand, no matter the size, and you benefit from the low cost of using Microsoft Azure. You can use Always Encrypted with Stretch Database to extend your data in a more secure manner for greater peace of mind.

Real-time Operational Analytics & In-Memory OLTP – For In-Memory OLTP, which customers today are using for up to 30x faster transactions than disk based systems, you will now be able to apply this technology tuned for transactional performance to a significantly greater number of applications as well as benefit from increased concurrency. With these enhancements, we also introduce the unique capability to use our in-memory columnstore delivering 100X faster queries with in-memory OLTP for in-memory performance and real-time operational analytics.

Built-in Advanced Analytics, PolyBase and Mobile BI – SQL Server 2016 expands its scope beyond transaction processing, data warehousing and business intelligence to deliver advanced analytics as an additional workload in SQL Server with proven technology from Revolution Analytics. Building PolyBase into SQL Server, expanding the power to extract value from unstructured and structured data using your existing T-SQL skills. With this wave, you can then gain faster insights through rich visualizations on many devices including mobile applications on Windows, iOS and Android.

visit the SQL Server 2016 preview page(valid URL) to read about the capabilities of SQL Server 2016 and sign-up to be notified once the public preview is available.

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