Common Issues Handled by SQL Server Database Administrators(DBA)

As a SQL Server Database Administrator(DBA), we daily work on many issues and would like to highlight some of the very common issues handled on Day-to-Day basis. We may be alerted about these issues through some Monitoring software or by the Client or the Development/Support Teams.

We can basically classify the common issues in two main categories:

1. Production disrupting pages: Those causing production outage or service reduction such as:

– Unable to connect to the Server/Instance (services went down or offline).
– Database corruption
– Database in Suspect mode
– High CPU usage
– High Memory Usgae
– Stack Dumps
– High # of sessions or suspended SPIDs
– Very low space on drives containing DB files.
– Blocking
– SQL Server Performance/Slowness Issues

These need higher awareness of diagnosis techniques and faster reaction to resolve. These issues need to be escalated to a DBA ASAP in order to resolve these issues quickly.

2. Production non-disrupting pages: Issues that doesn’t affect the production with relaxed window of resolution such as:

– Backup failures; however, log backups on busy environment can be considered critical.
– Some job failures.
– Warnings from errorlog
– Root Cause Analysis(RCA) for various issues like SQL Server failure/Cluster Failover

There are not just the only issues handled, but are some of the common issues a DBA handles mostly on a Day-to-Day basis.

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