Basics of SQL Server Policy Based Management


Policy Based Management is a framework for dealing with one or more occasions of SQL Server. At the point when SQL Server arrangement heads use Policy-Based Management, they utilize SQL Server Management Studio to make approaches to oversee elements on the server, for example, the occurrence of SQL Server, databases, or other SQL Server objects. Policy Based Management is useful in determining the issues introduced in the accompanying situations where An organization approach disallows empowering Database Mail or SQL Mail. A strategy is made to check the server condition of those two highlights. An overseer contrasts the server state with the approach. In the event that the server state is out of agree-ability, the overseer picks the Configure mode and the arrangement brings the server state into consistence.

The AdventureWorks2012 database has a naming tradition that obliges every put away method to begin with the letters AW_. A strategy is made to implement this approach. A director tests this approach and gets a run-down of put away methodology that are out of consistence. In the event that future put away systems don’t agree to this naming tradition, the creation articulations for the put away methodology come up short.

Important Policy Based Management Terms:
Policy Based Management oversaw target – Elements that are overseen by Policy-Based Management, for example, an occasion of the SQL Server Database Engine, a database, a table, or a record. All focuses in a server occasion shape a target order. A target set is the situated of focuses on that outcomes from applying an arrangement of target channels to the target order, for instance, all the tables in the database possessed by the HumanResources blueprint.
Policy Based Management feature – An arrangement of coherent properties that model the conduct or attributes for specific sorts of oversaw targets. The number and attributes of the properties are incorporated with the aspect and can be included or uprooted by just the producer of the feature. A target sort can actualize one or more administration features, and an administration feature can be actualized by one or more target sorts. A few properties of a feature can just apply to a particular variant..
Policy Based Management condition – A Boolean interpretation that indicates an arrangement of permitted conditions of a Policy-Based Management oversaw focus as to an administration aspect. SQL Server tries to watch gatherings when assessing a condition. At the point when SQL Server gatherings don’t precisely coordinate Windows examinations, test your condition to decide how the calculation determines clashes.
Strategy Based Management approach – A Policy-Based Management condition and the normal conduct, for instance, assessment mode, target channels, and calendar. A strategy can contain stand out condition. Strategies can be empowered or debilitated. Approaches are put away in the msdb database.
Policy Based Management approach classification – A client characterized classification to help oversee strategies. Clients can characterize approaches into diverse strategy classes. An approach has a place with unrivaled one strategy class. Arrangement classes apply to databases and servers. At the database level, the accompanying conditions apply

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This is applicable for below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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