Troubleshooting Sybase Error Code from Error 21065 to 21079


Sybase Error Code 21065
Sybase SQL Code –1008031L
Cannot do Create Index commands on global or local temporary tables or catalog server tables in a Parallel IQ block.
Sybase Error Code 21066
Sybase SQL Code –1005022L
Aggregate not valid in update set-item expression.
Sybase Error Code 21067
Sybase SQL Code 1009142L
%1 SortMerge0: %2 records, PhaseI=%3 Secs, %4 runs total, %5 pgs=%6 M, runlen=%7, %8 est. phases
Sybase Error Code 21068
Sybase SQL Code 1009143L
%1 SortMergePass: Merged %2 runs, %3 Secs, %4 runs remaining, %5 reads = %6 M, runlen=%7, phase %8, %9 M on disk

Sybase Error Code 21069
Sybase SQL Code 1009144L
%1 SortMergeDone: Ave mem %2 M, %3 Secs, %4 passes, %5 reads, %6 M data= %7 pgs, %8 phases, %9 M on disk
Sybase Error Code 21070
Sybase SQL Code –1009145L
Data exception – data type conversion is not possible. %2, %1
Sybase Error Code 21071
Sybase SQL Code –1009146L
Cannot perform requested command as there is a DBCC command in progress. %1
Sybase Error Code 21072
Sybase SQL Code –1006264L
Invalid Blocksize %2 less than the Device Sectorsize %3 %4 %1
Sybase Error Code 21073
Sybase SQL Code –1005023L
Unmatched number of select list items in union

Sybase Error Code 21074
Sybase SQL Code –1005024L
Estimate number: %2 exceed the DEFAULT_MAX_CUBE_RESULT of GROUP BY CUBE or ROLLUP %1
Sybase Error Code 21075
Sybase SQL Code –1010015L
The MAIN store is out of space. Space must be added to the MAIN store first. %1
Sybase Error Code 21076
Sybase SQL Code –1010016L
The TEMPORARY store is out of space. Space must be added to the TEMPORARY store first. %1
Sybase Error Code 21077
Sybase SQL Code –1000264L
Ambiguous index name ‘%2’. Please specify owner. %1
Sybase Error Code 21078
Sybase SQL Code –1000265L
Index ‘%2’ not found. %1
Sybase Error Code 21079
Sybase SQL Code –1000266L
Table ‘%2’ not found. %1

Above are list of Sybase Error Code Messages from Error Code 21065 to 21079 received while performing certain operation against Sybase Database or related products.

What are Sybase Error Codes?

Sybase error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Sybase products, including Adaptive Server Enterprise. For every Sybase error code returned by Sybase IQ, there is a pair of matching Sybase IQ error codes (SQLCODE and SQLSTATE). In many cases Sybase IQ error codes offer a finer level of granularity than their Sybase error code counterparts, thus some Sybase error codes in the following table are non-unique.

Many of the errors contain the characters %1, %2 and so on. These are replaced by the parameters to the error message.

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