Troubleshooting Sybase Error Code from Error 20502 to 20518


Sybase Error Code 20502
Sybase SQL Code –1002000L
Unknown error: %1
Sybase Error Code 20503
Sybase SQL Code –1002001L
Data has already been inserted into index %2 for row %3. %1
Sybase Error Code 20504
Sybase SQL Code –1002002L
for IQ_ROWID row
Sybase Error Code 20505
Sybase SQL Code –1002003L
Tried to insert a duplicate value into a unique index %2 on row %3. %1

Sybase Error Code 20507
Sybase SQL Code –1002005L
Tried to insert a null value into a non-null field %2 on row %3. %1
Sybase Error Code 20509
Sybase SQL Code –1001000L
DFE Sum or Average overflow – try CASTing the argument to a larger datatype. %1
Sybase Error Code 20510
Sybase SQL Code –1001001L
DFE Typechecking error %1
Sybase Error Code 20511
Sybase SQL Code –1001002L
Feature is not yet implemented %1
Sybase Error Code 20512
Sybase SQL Code –1001003L
Internal error: subclass responsibility %1

Sybase Error Code 20513
Sybase SQL Code –1001004L
Data exception – substring error. %1
Sybase Error Code 20514
Sybase SQL Code –1001005L
Data exception – string length error. %1
Sybase Error Code 20515
Sybase SQL Code –1001006L
Data exception – data type conversion is not possible. %1
Sybase Error Code 20516
Sybase SQL Code –1001007L
Data exception – operation resulted in division by zero. %1
Sybase Error Code 20517
Sybase SQL Code –1001008L
Data exception – invalid character data for cast. %1
Sybase Error Code 20518
Sybase SQL Code –1001009L
Data exception – string data, right truncation. %1

Above are list of Sybase Error Code Messages from Error Code 20502 to 20518 received while performing certain operation against Sybase Database or related products.

What are Sybase Error Codes?

Sybase error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Sybase products, including Adaptive Server Enterprise. For every Sybase error code returned by Sybase IQ, there is a pair of matching Sybase IQ error codes (SQLCODE and SQLSTATE). In many cases Sybase IQ error codes offer a finer level of granularity than their Sybase error code counterparts, thus some Sybase error codes in the following table are non-unique.

Many of the errors contain the characters %1, %2 and so on. These are replaced by the parameters to the error message.

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