Troubleshooting Sybase Error Code from Error 20349 to 20363


Sybase Error Code 20349
Sybase SQL Code –1006111L
Invalid file version : %2 %1
Sybase Error Code 20350
Sybase SQL Code –1006112L
Unknown file error : %2 %1
Sybase Error Code 20351
Sybase SQL Code –1006113L
Unknown error %1
Sybase Error Code 20352
Sybase SQL Code –1006114L
Operation on two hos_bitvec objects that are not the same size %1

Sybase Error Code 20353
Sybase SQL Code –1006115L
Operation on hos_bitvec object is out of range. %1
Sybase Error Code 20354
Sybase SQL Code –1006116L
Attempting to set/unset an already set/unset bit. %1
Sybase Error Code 20355
Sybase SQL Code –1006117L
Record Size Invalid
Sybase Error Code 20356
Sybase SQL Code –1006118L
This class does not support multiple instances
Sybase Error Code 20357
Sybase SQL Code –1006119L
SORT Error: %s

Sybase Error Code 20358
Sybase SQL Code –1006120L
The operation has been cancelled – Max_Query_Time exceeded
Sybase Error Code 20359
Sybase SQL Code –1006121L
Unknown error message
Sybase Error Code 20360
Sybase SQL Code –1006122L
The operation has been cancelled by the user %1
Sybase Error Code 20361
Sybase SQL Code –1006123L
Attempt to add an invalid extent %1
Sybase Error Code 20362
Sybase SQL Code –1006124L
Attempt to operate on object before being opened %1
Sybase Error Code 20363
Sybase SQL Code –1006125L
Bad block number %2 passed to object %1

Above are list of Sybase Error Code Messages from Error Code 20349 to 20363 received while performing certain operation against Sybase Database or related products.

What are Sybase Error Codes?

Sybase error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Sybase products, including Adaptive Server Enterprise. For every Sybase error code returned by Sybase IQ, there is a pair of matching Sybase IQ error codes (SQLCODE and SQLSTATE). In many cases Sybase IQ error codes offer a finer level of granularity than their Sybase error code counterparts, thus some Sybase error codes in the following table are non-unique.

Many of the errors contain the characters %1, %2 and so on. These are replaced by the parameters to the error message.

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Information about Sybase Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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