Troubleshooting Sybase Error Code from Error 20158 to 20174


Sybase Error Code 20158
Sybase SQL Code –1005004L
Subqueries are allowed only as arguments of comparisons, IN, and EXISTS %2, %1
Sybase Error Code 20159
Sybase SQL Code –1005005L
Deleting from views is not supported. %1
Sybase Error Code 20160
Sybase SQL Code –1005006L
The target DELETE table must also appear in FROM. %1
Sybase Error Code 20162
Sybase SQL Code –1005008L
Sybase IQ does not support nested aggregations. %1
Sybase Error Code 20163

Sybase SQL Code –1005009L
Cannot perform an aggregate function on a column from a table not declared in the same query. %2, %1
Sybase Error Code 20164
Sybase SQL Code –1005010L
The field ‘%2’ is not unique and needs to be qualified, %1
Sybase Error Code 20165
Sybase SQL Code –1005011L
There are two tables named ‘%2’. Please specify an alias for one of them. %1
Sybase Error Code 20166
Sybase SQL Code –1005012L
The field ‘%2’ specified in the query cannot be found, %1
Sybase Error Code 20167
Sybase SQL Code –1005013L
The FROM clause must have at least one table identifier %1
Sybase Error Code 20169

Sybase SQL Code –1005015L
The optimizer was unable to find a query plan that avoided cartesian product joins larger than the Max_Cartesian_Result setting %1
Sybase Error Code 20170
Sybase SQL Code –1005016L
Aggregate functions are not allowed in a GROUP BY clause %1
Sybase Error Code 20171
Sybase SQL Code –1005017L
You cannot DELETE from a join virtual table. (%2) %1
Sybase Error Code 20172
Sybase SQL Code –1003000L
Datatype %2, returned by Client Library, is not valid in Sybase IQ. %1
Sybase Error Code 20173
Sybase SQL Code –1003001L
Cannot convert to Sybase IQ datatype: %2 from Client Library datatype %3. %1
Sybase Error Code 20174
Sybase SQL Code –1003002L
CtLibrary Error: %2, Severity: %3, Origin: %4, Layer: %5\nError Message: %6\nOS Error: %7, OS Message: %8. %1


Above are list of Sybase Error Code Messages from Error Code 20158 to 20174 received while performing certain operation against Sybase Database or related products.

What are Sybase Error Codes?

Sybase error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Sybase products, including Adaptive Server Enterprise. For every Sybase error code returned by Sybase IQ, there is a pair of matching Sybase IQ error codes (SQLCODE and SQLSTATE). In many cases Sybase IQ error codes offer a finer level of granularity than their Sybase error code counterparts, thus some Sybase error codes in the following table are non-unique.

Many of the errors contain the characters %1, %2 and so on. These are replaced by the parameters to the error message.

Hope this was helpful.

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Information about Sybase Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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