Troubleshooting Sybase Error Code from Error 13643 to 13658


Sybase Error Code 13643
Sybase SQL Code –281
Table ‘%1’ has publications
Sybase Error Code 13644
Sybase SQL Code –282
Subscription to ‘%1’ for ‘%2’ already exists
Sybase Error Code 13645
Sybase SQL Code –283
Subscription to ‘%1’ for ‘%2’ not found
Sybase Error Code 13646
Sybase SQL Code –284
User ‘%1’ is already the publisher for this database

Sybase Error Code 13647
Sybase SQL Code –285
User ‘%1’ is not a remote user for this database
Sybase Error Code 13648
Sybase SQL Code –286
Remote message type ‘%1’ not found
Sybase Error Code 13649
Sybase SQL Code –287
Pass-through statement inconsistent with current pass-through
Sybase Error Code 13650
Sybase SQL Code –288
Remote statement failed
Sybase Error Code 13652
Sybase SQL Code –211
Not allowed while ‘%1’ is using the database

Sybase Error Code 13653
Sybase SQL Code –212
CHECKPOINT statement requires a rollback log
Sybase Error Code 13654
Sybase SQL Code –221
Sybase Error Code 13655
Sybase SQL Code –222
Result set not allowed from within an atomic compound statement
Sybase Error Code 13656
Sybase SQL Code –213
Savepoints require a rollback log
Sybase Error Code 13657
Sybase SQL Code –230
Sqlpp/dblib version mismatch
Sybase Error Code 13658
Sybase SQL Code –231
Client/database server version mismatch

Above are list of Sybase Error Code Messages from Error Code 13643 to 13658 received while performing certain operation against Sybase Database or related products.

What are Sybase Error Codes?

Sybase error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Sybase products, including Adaptive Server Enterprise. For every Sybase error code returned by Sybase IQ, there is a pair of matching Sybase IQ error codes (SQLCODE and SQLSTATE). In many cases Sybase IQ error codes offer a finer level of granularity than their Sybase error code counterparts, thus some Sybase error codes in the following table are non-unique.

Many of the errors contain the characters %1, %2 and so on. These are replaced by the parameters to the error message.

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Information about Sybase Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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