Troubleshooting MYSQL or MariaDB Errors from Error 1301 to 1310


MariaDB ERROR Code 1301
MySQL SQL State HY000
Result of %s() was larger than max_allowed_packet (%ld) – truncated
MariaDB ERROR Code 1302
MySQL SQL State HY000
Conflicting declarations: ‘%s%s’ and ‘%s%s’
MariaDB ERROR Code 1303
MySQL SQL State 2F003
Can’t create a %s from within another stored routine

MariaDB ERROR Code 1304
MySQL SQL State 42000
%s %s already exists
MariaDB ERROR Code 1305
MySQL SQL State 42000
%s %s does not exist
MariaDB ERROR Code 1306
MySQL SQL State HY000
Failed to DROP %s %s

MariaDB ERROR Code 1307
MySQL SQL State HY000
Failed to CREATE %s %s
MariaDB ERROR Code 1308
MySQL SQL State 42000
%s with no matching label: %s
MariaDB ERROR Code 1309
MySQL SQL State 42000
Redefining label %s
MariaDB ERROR Code 1310
MySQL SQL State 42000
End-label %s without match

Above are the list of shared MySQL and MariaDB Error Codes and their Description including SQL state and exact error code from Error 1301 to 1310 which performing certain operations against MySQL or MariaDB.

What are MYSQL/MariaDB Errors?

MySQL and MariaDB programs have access to several types of common error information when the server returns an error.

The MYSQL/MariaDB message displayed contains three types of information:
A numeric error code. This number is MySQL-specific and is not portable to other database systems.
A five-character SQLSTATE value. The values are specified by ANSI SQL and ODBC and are more standardized. Not all MySQL error numbers are mapped to SQLSTATE error codes.
A message string that provides a textual description of the error.
When an error occurs, you can access the MySQL error code, the SQLSTATE value, and the message string using C API functions:
MySQL error code: Call mysql_errno()
SQLSTATE value: Call mysql_sqlstate()
Error message: Call mysql_error()

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