Troubleshooting Informatica Error Messages and Resolution – Part 350


SR_17011Error in passing parameters to SAP system: <SAP message>.
Cause:The SAP system is down.
Action:Check with SAP system administrator.
SR_17012Could not start program in Background mode: <SAP message>.
Cause:You may not have permission to release the background job.
Action:Verify with the SAP administrator that you have proper permissions. You must have authorization on S_DATASET, S_PROGRAM, and S_BTCH_JOB objects.

SR_17013Could not get status information for a Background job: <SAP message>.
Cause:The connection to the SAP system is broken.
Action:Check with your SAP system administrator or contact Informatica Technical Support.
SR_17014ERROR: File open failed.
Cause:The Integration Service could not open the staging file.
Action:Verify the path to the file.
SR_17015Could not delete the Staging File <filename>: <SAP message>.
Cause:You accessed the staging file through NFS mount, and the Integration Service user may not have write permission on the staging file or directory.
Action:Get write permissions from the system administrator for the Integration Service user.

SR_17016The program <program name> was generated but not installed for mapping <mapping name> version <version number>.
Cause:You generated an ABAP program for this mapping, but you did not install it on the SAP system.
Action:Open the Generate and Install dialog box in the Mapping Designer and install the ABAP program for the mapping.
SR_17020Memory allocation for tree <tree name> failed.
Cause:Insufficient heap memory allocation.
Action:Reduce the number of processes running, or increase the virtual memory on the Integration Service host.

Above are list of Informatica Error Messages or Warnings received while performing certain operation against Informatica related products.

What are Informatica Error Messages?

Informatica error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Informatica products. Every Informatica error message returned by Informatica, is self explanatory and contains the object name in cases where required.

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