Troubleshooting Informatica Error Messages and Resolution – Part 263

PR_18005Tree may only be joined with Detail record: <PeopleSoft record name>.
Cause:You connected or associated an imported tree and a record in an Application Source Qualifier, and the record is not the detail record for the tree.
Action:You can connect or associate an imported tree with a non-detail record if the non-detail record is related to the detail record and you connect or associate the detail record with the Application Source Qualifier.
Action:You can connect the tree and non-detail record to separate Application Source Qualifiers and join them with a Joiner transformation.
To determine which record provides detail data for a tree, open the tree source definition in the Mapping Designer and click the Attributes tab.

PR_18006Not all sources are related in Application Source Qualifier <Application Source Qualifier name>.
Cause:You tried to connect or associate two unrelated sources in the listed Application Source Qualifier. You can only connect or associate related sources in an Application Source Qualifier.
Action:Disconnect one of the unrelated sources.
Action:Remove one of the associated source definitions.
PR_18007Unknown error occurred in Application Source Qualifier <Application Source Qualifier name>.
Cause:Internal error.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.
PR_18009Error in converting <string> to Date. Internal Error.
Cause:Internal conversion error.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.

PR_18010Tree <tree name> was changed after session run was started.
Cause:The listed tree changed in the PeopleSoft system after the Integration Service started the session.
Action:The Integration Service completes the session with version of the tree as it was at the beginning of the session. If this is not the version you want, correct the session targets and run the session again.

Above are list of Informatica Error Messages or Warnings received while performing certain operation against Informatica related products.

What are Informatica Error Messages?

Informatica error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Informatica products. Every Informatica error message returned by Informatica, is self explanatory and contains the object name in cases where required.

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Information about Informatica Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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