Troubleshooting Informatica Error Messages and Resolution – Part 175


JMS_1015Failed to look up object <object name> from JNDI.
Cause:The specified value in the JMS application connection is not valid. As a result, the session failed.
Action:Make sure the attribute value in the JMS application is valid. Make sure the value exists in your JNDI configuration.
Cause:The JNDI server may not be running.
Action:Verify that the JNDI server is running. If necessary, start the server.

JMS_1018Cannot find message type from metadata extension.
Cause:JMS cannot find the message type represented in the source or target definition. The repository may contain inconsistencies.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.
JMS_1019Cannot find JMS connection.
Cause:There may be no application connection specified for the Source Qualifier or target in the session properties.
Action:Specify a value for the application connection in the session properties.
Cause:The repository may contain inconsistencies.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.
JMS_1020Failed to create the message consumer: <error message>.
Cause:JMS could not create the message consumer. The PowerCenter session failed.
Action:Check the additional error message for more information.

JMS_1021Failed to create the message consumer because of conflicting JMS session and JMS connection objects.
Cause:Internal error.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.
JMS_1022Failed to get the JMS destination <destination>. Reason: <error message>.
Cause:The specified value for the JMS Destination attribute in the JMS application connection does not exist in your JNDI configuration.
Action:Configure JNDI to include the value. Or, use a value that exists in your JNDI configuration.

Above are list of Informatica Error Messages or Warnings received while performing certain operation against Informatica related products.

What are Informatica Error Messages?

Informatica error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Informatica products. Every Informatica error message returned by Informatica, is self explanatory and contains the object name in cases where required.

Hope this was helpful.

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Information about Informatica Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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