Troubleshooting Informatica Error Messages and Resolution – Part 138


EXP_19191 Argument name for expression must start with an x or an X.
Cause:The argument for the expression in not named correctly. The name of an argument for a Java expression must start with an x or X.
Action:Rename the argument.
EXP_19192 Argument number is too large.
Cause:The number in the argument name is too large. The number is larger than can be stored by an integer value.
Action:Reduce the number of arguments for the expression.

EXP_19193 Cannot get argument index from argument name.
Cause:You created a argument name or names for an expression, but did not correctly name the argument. Argument names for expressions must start with an x or X, followed by an integer (index) starting from 1. All arguments for an expression must be indexed in sequential order, such as x1, x2, x3.
Action:Rename the argument.
EXP_19194 Argument index <index number> exceeds the expected number of arguments, <number>, in the expression.
Cause:The expression contains an argument having an index greater then the expected number of arguments for the expression. For example, you created an expression that takes two arguments, but used an argument name x3 inside the expression. Instead, your expression should use x1 and x2.
Action:Use the correct number of arguments for the expression when you invoke the expression.

EXP_19195Error: A non-callable user-defined function <user-defined function> is being called directly in the expression.
Cause:An expression contains a non-callable user-defined function. You may have manually entered the user-defined function in the expression syntax. Or, the expression contains a user-defined function which you modified to be non-callable.
Action:Edit the user-defined function to be callable. Or, remove the user-defined function from the expression.
EXP_19197Error: The Designer cannot find function <function name>. The function name may be incorrect.
Cause:An expression contains a function that has an incorrect function name.
Action:Ensure that the function name is correct.
EXPFN_34016Invalid number passed for conversion.
Cause:The value of the number you want to convert with CONVERT_BASE cannot be represented by the source base value. For example, the source base value is 2, and the input values is 123. The input value can only contain 0s or 1s.
Action:Verify that the input values can be represented by the source base.
EXPFN_34017Failed to convert number to decimal base.
Cause:The input value for CONVERT_BASE was larger than the maximum allowed to convert the value to base 10.
Action:Verify that all input values can be converted to base 10.

Above are list of Informatica Error Messages or Warnings received while performing certain operation against Informatica related products.

What are Informatica Error Messages?

Informatica error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Informatica products. Every Informatica error message returned by Informatica, is self explanatory and contains the object name in cases where required.

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