Troubleshooting Informatica Error Messages and Resolution – Part 102

CMN_17808Data conversion error for port <port number>.
Cause:The Integration Service received data from the SAP system. The SAP system may have sent data with a precision or scale that is too large.
Action:Verify that the transformation datatypes are compatible with the SAP datatypes. Or, increase the precision or scale for the port.
Cause:The data contains inconsistencies.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.

CMN_17809Message from SAP LastError: <error message>.
Cause:SAP error.
Action:See the additional error message for more information.
CMN_17810Property <property> is invalid.
Cause:The SequenceID or the Function Name property in the Custom transformation is invalid.
Action:If you received this error for an SAP/ALE IDoc Interpreter or SAP/ALE IDoc Prepare transformation, create the transformation again.
Action:If you received this error for an RFC/BAPI function mapping, regenerate the mapping.
CMN_17815Memory allocation error.
Cause:Out of memory error.
Action:Contact your internal technical support.
CMN_17816Error when trying to install SAP structure <structure>.
Cause:Internal error.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.
CMN_17817Connection to SAP system is lost.
Cause:Due to the length of the PowerCenter session, the SAP connection may have timed out.
Action:Restart the session.

CMN_17818Error in appending a line to SAP internal table.
Cause:Internal error.
Action:Contact Informatica Technical Support.

Above are list of Informatica Error Messages or Warnings received while performing certain operation against Informatica related products.

What are Informatica Error Messages?

Informatica error codes are a set of error codes for use by all Informatica products. Every Informatica error message returned by Informatica, is self explanatory and contains the object name in cases where required.

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Information about Informatica Error Code Messages or Warning Messages on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.


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