Tips to Earn Money Online for SQL Server Database Administrators DBA


Internet revolution started somewhere in 1990’s and has grown tremendously since then and has become part of billions of peoples life. People of all the countries of the world rely on Internet to get information, gain knowledge, get things done quickly and remotely and for business purposes. Internet is used for different purposes like E-Mails, quicker communication over Instant Messengers, Audio and Video calls with different people over web thus reducing the cost of communication, and in the World Wide Web like Discussion Forums, Blogs, Social Networking Sites, and E-Commerce or Online shopping sites, Job Portals, etc. Many Government organizations and Private Organizations host their websites over Internet which is accessible to people all over the world in just few seconds.

With the revolution of Internet, all Software and IT related business enabled more opportunists and allowed employees to work remotely without having to sit in Data Centers or in front of servers. Employees can connect to the servers remotely from any where in the world and perform their duties thus allowing spreading and segregation of duties across the world.

If we look from SQL Server Database Administrators perspective, most of the SQL Server DBA’s remotely connect to the servers from office of home through secure Internet connection and perform their duties.
Servers are generally hosted in one or two locations and then DBA’s can connect to them from any where in the world.

Traditionally so far, company which require DBA’s either have in-house DBA teams or DBA operations are outsourced to other reputed company’s or sometimes the Developers or Network team engineers handles DBA activities as well. So mostly SQL Server DBA’s work either directly or as contractors, but there are some SQL Server DBA’s who gain more indepth knowledge about different technologies and provide consultant services.

Below are some of the options for SQL Server DBA’s to earn money online by working from HOME.

– There are company’s which allows their employees to work from home where they remotely connect to the servers. This option is similar to the regular job, the difference being you do not have to visit office daily.

– If you have more indepth knowledge over different technologies like SQL Server DBA concepts, SQL Server Developer skills, Windows Operating System knowledge, Network related insights, etc then they can provide freelance consulting services. However it is important to promote their skills to get opportunity to find a client.

– Setup your own website and write blogs and articles which are helpful to the SQL Server Database Administrators community. You can later deploy some Advertisements in your website and thus earn some money. But it is not easy to earn money through websites as it requires lot of time, effort and patience.

– There are also many websites which pay money to write articles or Blogs. You need to have lot of experience for this as the articles or Blogs which you write need to be valid, and you may be paid very less for writing articles and may have to write many blogs to earn decent amount of money. This is most often used to earn some part time money.

If you want to write some articles for, then please reach out to

– Another way to earn money online for SQL Server DBA’s include affiliate marketing. Example, you can research and study a particular tool used by SQL Server DBA community and then you can register in their product’s website as an affiliate. You can earn some percentage of money when any uses buys the product through your reference. It is not easy to make some one buy a product through you, it need lot of marketing skills.

From all the above you can choose which option best suits your skill and can proceed with the same. None of these are easy as earning money online is not at all easy, requires lot of skill, time and effort. Beware of fraud websites who try to cheat people in the name of showing ways of earning money online.

All the best. Hope this article was helpful to you.

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