Teradata SQL Error and Failure Codes from Error 9705 To 9728

9705 A network disconnect during a LOB client-to-server transfer caused an abort.
Explanation: A session using Redrive or Recoverable Network Protocol was transferring a LOB from the client to the
database when a network disconnect occurred. The Gateway initiated an abort of the transaction.
Generated By: Dispatcher.
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Resubmit the request and transaction.

9721 Left-over spool(Final Response) table found : transaction aborted.
Explanation: This error occurs if a left-over spool is a Final response spool, which is used by a transaction other than the
transaction for which it was created. The transaction attempting to use this left-over spool is aborted, and diagnostic information
about the left- over spool appears on the system-console screen.
Generated By: AMP
For Whom: Site Support Representative.
Notes: Developers researching the left-over spool problem will be interested in the console-screen output produced by
the logging of this error.
Remedy: Contact your Support Representative.

9722 Attempt to access a down Table or Index contains down region
Explanation: A statement has attempted to access a table or index that has been set down. It is not currently accessible
for SQL statements.
Generated By: AMP (STP, S2S, SUT).
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Reset the down table or index status before resubmitting the SQL statement. Some of the ways to reset the
down status are: – ALTER TABLE SQL statement – Fast path DELETE ALL/ DROP table SQL statement – Rebuild the Table
– Restore the table from backup – Drop and recreate the index

9723 Table operator error on the AMP, details: %VSTR
Explanation: This message indicates a table operator processing error on the AMP.
Generated By: AMP
For Whom: End user or Field Engineer or the concerned site support representative.
Remedy: Check the table operator source code if the problem persists contact support personnel.

9724 An AMP is down and fallback sub-table data cannot be used in %VSTR.
Explanation: The query attempted to perform an operation on fallback table data that is not supported while an AMP is
Generated By: AMP (STP).
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Bring down AMPs back online and retry query.

9725 The same user is already logged on and running other BAR jobs.
Explanation: The restore job is rejected as same user is already running other BAR jobs.
Generated By: AMP
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Logoff the sessions where same user is running other BAR jobs.

9726 DBQL AWT DPS cache fault isolated (count %s).
Explanation: The AMP DBQL software encountered a fault while using the awtDPS cache to collect AMP usage data
(Algorithm 3 primarily). The fault was isolated to allow the step to continue. DBQL capture of AMP request and step data
is impacted and the QryLog view DBQLStatus field (DBQLogTbl) will reflect that.
Generated By: AMP Worker Task (awtdps and other modules).
For Whom: System administrator & Site support representative.
Notes: This message is logged once per AMP and if faults continue on an AMP it is logged once more no sooner than 60
minutes after the first. The count value (faults isolated for this AMP) helps identify the extent of the problem. DBS Control
parameter DBQLSnapLimit controls snapshot dumps.
Remedy: This error should be reported to the site support representative including any snapshot dump for the error.
Some DBQL AMP usage data is not being collected. When the system is restarted the awtDPS cache is created new, the
same as a normal DBS TPA start and DBQL collection is no longer impacted. If this message reoccurs, report it. DBQL
Algorithm 1 may be selected in DBS Control general 64 until the issue with Algorithm 3 is resolved. Be aware that DBQL
usage data logged varies depending on the algorithm selected.

9727 DBQL AWT DPS cache failed assertion test, %s.
Explanation: The AMP DBQL software detected a problem in the awtDPS cache used to collect AMP usage data (Algorithm
3 primarily). The failure is indicated by the variable part of the message.
Generated By: AMP Worker Task (awtdps and other modules).
For Whom: System administrator & Site support representative.
Notes: This message may be logged under the DBQL awtDPS fault isolation code.
Remedy: This error should be reported to the site support representative.

9728 Retry later as currently a load operation is in progress on the table %DBID.%TVMID.
Explanation: The LDI table is being loaded as a concurrent load isolated operation.
Generated By: AMP Modules.
For Whom: End user.
Remedy: The command must be re-issued after the load operation is completed

Above are list of Teradata Errors or Failure Codes from Error 9705 To 9728 received while performing certain operation against Teradata Database or related products.

What are Teradata Database Errors?

In general, each Teradata error message contains the following information:
• The message number.
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the message number. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.
• Generated-by text that indicates the software module which initiated the message. This field serves a diagnostic purpose for support and development personnel.
• A remedy which suggests how to resolve the condition.

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