Teradata SQL Error and Failure Codes from Error 6779 To 6807

6779 File name not specified
Explanation: This error occurs when the file name is not specifed along with the tdlocaledef utility.
Generated By: tdlocaldef utility.
For Whom: End user.
Remedy: Specify filename and resubmit the request.

6780 Failure in accessing GDO
Explanation: This error occurs when the tdlocaldef utility fails to read or write from the GDO.
Generated By: tdlocaldef utility.
For Whom: End user.
Remedy: Ensure the GDOs have been created and resubmit the request.

6781 The stored procedure/PPI need to be re-compiled/re-validated.
Explanation: The error occurs when the stored procedure/PPI already exists and hdr.fmt is tdinum which need to be
initialized to tdinumparsecompat or tdinumparsei18n.
Generated By: TDI modules.
For Whom: End user.
Remedy: Existing stored procedures need to be re-compiled and PPIs need to be revalidated.

6800 UDT ’%TVMID’ supports NOT EQUAL/EQUAL ONLY comparitive operations.
Explanation: A UDT with EQUALS ONLY ordering is being used in a FULL comparison situation.
Generated By: Syntaxer/Resolver and Optimizer Modules
For Whom: End User
Remedy: Modify the definition of the UDT to incorporate the correct ordering functionality

Explanation: UDT does not support the DISTINCT, INTERSECT, UNION, and/or ORDER BY
Generated By: Par/Opt Modules
For Whom: End User
Remedy: If UDT is Opaque Type, then author the pertinent map DBS support method.

6802 Improperly Formed UDT Tree Encountered.
Explanation: An incorrectly formed UDT sub-tree was encountered
Generated By: Par/Opt/Gnc Modules
For Whom: End User
Remedy: Internal Parsing Error. Save all relevant information and notify your support representative

6803 Invalid hardware architecture for procedure execution.
Explanation: The Teradata RDBMS server Hardware Architecture in which the CALL SQL is submitted is different than
the one in which the stored procedure was created. A stored procedure created using 32-bit compiler cannot be executed on64-bit compiler. This situation can occur if a stored procedure is restored to a different server having different Hardware architecture than the archive was created on.
Generated By: RES modules.
For Whom: End User
Remedy: Recreate the procedure on the new server hardware architecture and resubmit the request.

6804 Trigger on DBC tables is not allowed.
Explanation: Dictionary tables are updated outside of normal SQL, changes to them will not fire triggers.
Generated By: RES modules.
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Don’t use trigger on DBC tables.

6805 Invalid reference to ACCLOGTBL in MLoad.
Explanation: Delete operation on ACCLOGTBL can not be performed from DELETE and IMPORT task of MLOAD if
access logging is enabled.
Generated By: OPH modules.
For Whom: End User
Remedy: To avoid this error, disable access logging and run the MLOAD job again.

6806 Constructor Functions Are Functional Representation of Constants and As Such They Must Not Contain Any Table References.
Explanation: This error occurs when a Constructor Function contains a Table Reference in its parameter list. A constructor function is a declaration of a UDT constant. Parameters are used to initialize the constant to some state. All Parameters to a Constructor Function must themselves be constants. Thus the parameters for a constructor function cannot contain any table references in its parameter list.
Generated By: OPT module.
For Whom: End User.
Notes: User SQL statement construction error.
Remedy: Type in Constructor Function Using only constants as parameters

6807 Invalid relational operation involving %VSTR. Cast them to the same UDT data type.
Explanation: This error occurs when a term of the form, “leftExpr RelationalOp rightExpr”, evaluates such that the left- Expr and rightExpr are not of compatible Udt data types. For two Udts to be compatible, they must be exactly equal, or there must exist a cast function which enables one Udt to be casted to the other Udts data type. Also, for early release, the casting must be explicitly typed in on the SQL input.
Generated By: OPT module. .
For Whom: End User.
Notes: User SQL statement formulation error
Remedy: Use exactly equal Udt data types for all relational operations, or supply explicit casts to insure that the relational operation is upon equal Udt data types.

Above are list of Teradata Errors or Failure Codes from Error 6779 To 6807 received while performing certain operation against Teradata Database or related products.

What are Teradata Database Errors?

In general, each Teradata error message contains the following information:
• The message number.
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the message number. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.
• Generated-by text that indicates the software module which initiated the message. This field serves a diagnostic purpose for support and development personnel.
• A remedy which suggests how to resolve the condition.

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