Teradata SQL Error and Failure Codes from Error 2582 to 2593


2582 Not an operational configuration for MLoad
Explanation: An AMP has gone down in a cluster which already has another AMP marked as logically down for the
apply phase of a given MultiLoad job. Although the configuration is still operational at the system level, the MLoad restart
logic in the AMPs considers it non-operational for apply phase processing in the current job.
Generated By: AMP MLoad steps
For Whom: User. Site support representative.
Notes: In addition to the user error returned to the MLoad host utility, this error will also be logged to the DBS console
and the error log.
Every effort should be made to preserve the data on the down AMP, since it is not possible to rebuild an MLoad target table
during the apply phase. Once this phase has been entered, the MLoad must run to completion or the target tables will have
to be restored from archived copies. Only as a last resort, therefore, should the down AMP repair include an HDA replacement
with its consequent data loss.
Remedy: Bring the down AMP back online with all its disk data intact, if possible, and restart the MLoad job. For problem
analysis of the down AMP, consult the errors logged at the time the AMP went down, not the MLoad error described
For further help, contact your Support Representative.

2583 %VSTR is missing for %DBID.%TVMID during MLoad restart.
Explanation: WorkTable or Error table is missing during restart.
Generated By: STPEBE
For Whom: User.
Remedy: Drop the existing worktable and error tables of the MLoad job. If the error is diagnosed before the end of the
acquisition phase, issue the RELEASE MLOAD statement on the MLoad target tables. Otherwise, the target tables should
be dropped. Finally, restart the MLoad job.

2585 An I/O error on an MLOAD table caused a crash.
Explanation: An I/O error has occurred on an MLOAD table and it was necessary to crash.
Generated By: RBKRcvy.
For Whom: End User.
Remedy: Try running MLOAD again.

2586 AMP has been marked as an MLOAD nonparticipant
Explanation: An AMP has been marked as an MLOAD nonparticipant. This error is only used internally.
Generated By: RBKRcvy.
For Whom: U2URbk.
Remedy: None.

2587 Segment overflow — FastExport request is too complex to process.
Explanation: The FastExport job requires too many segments to redistribute data when data is to be sorted.
Generated By: StpExpVR
For Whom: End User
Remedy: Simplify the request or avoid sorting the data, or increase the DBS control field ExportOrderBySegmentLimit. If
none of these approaches succeeds, contact your Support Representative.

2588 Invalid block number in the FastExport Initiate request.
Explanation: The block number defined in the FastExport initiate request was outside the range of the number of blocks
in the answer set.
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: Modify the request block number and resubmit the initiate request.

2589 Request block is not found.
Explanation: The file system does not find the request block in the spool file. Either we have a software bug or the spool
file has been deleted by the host (i.e., an End Request has been issued by the host).
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: If the spool file was not explicitly deleted by the host, then contact your Support Representative.

2590 Buffer size is too small for the response.
Explanation: The buffer size specified in the FastExport Initiate request was smaller than that specified in the Select
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: Modify the buffer size and resubmit the initiate request.

2591 There is no response data for the specified statement in the FastExport request.
Explanation: There is no response data in the DBS for the specified statement number in an FastExport initiate request.
Either the SQL Select request results no response data or the statement number is incorrect.
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: Correct the statment number and resubmit the initiate request.

2592 Select request has not been processed.
Explanation: Either the host has not sent down the SQL Select request or the DBS is still processing the first Select statement
in the SQL request.
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: Submit the SQL Select request or wait until the Select completes.

2593 The Select request is not completed yet.
Explanation: The SQL Select request is currently in process. The user must wait until the request completed to submit
the FastExport Initiate request.
Generated By: LCTExpSt
For Whom: End user
Remedy: Wait until the Select request is successfully completed then submit the initiate request.

Above are list of Teradata Errors or Failure Codes from Error 2582 to 2593 received while performing certain operation against Teradata Database or related products.

What are Teradata Database Errors?

In general, each Teradata error message contains the following information:
• The message number.
• The message text. This text is usually returned with the message number. Some messages employ word substitution, where the word substituted represents the system-replacement of a term more specific to the occurrence.
• An explanation of how the error may have occurred.
• Generated-by text that indicates the software module which initiated the message. This field serves a diagnostic purpose for support and development personnel.
• A remedy which suggests how to resolve the condition.

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