Symantec NetBackup status code 914 to status code 918


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases and provides various features.

Below are some of the NetBackup status error codes from Status Code 914 to Status Code 918 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

NetBackup status code: 914
Message: RB media reservation not found
Explanation: The read media for a duplicate or synthetic backup job must be
reserved at the start of the job. Status 914 occurs when the NetBackup Resource
Broker (nbrb) receives an allocation request for a read media that was never
reserved. It can result from an internal error in bpduplicate, nbjm, or nbrb.
Recommended Action: Do the following, as appropriate:
¦ Examine the unified logging files on the NetBackup server for the nbrb service
(originator ID 118). Unified logging is written to /usr/openv/logs (UNIX and
Linux) or to install_path\NetBackup\logs (Windows).
¦ If necessary, set global logging to a higher level: Host Properties > Master
Server>Properties>Logging. Retry the operation and examine the nbrb logs.

NetBackup status code: 915
Message: RB disk volume mount must retry
Explanation: A shared disk job has failed because RB is unable to mount the disk
volume. Shared disk requires that volume file systems be unmounted and
remounted before other media servers can use them.
Recommended Action: Do the following, as appropriate:
¦ Verify that processes are not in the disk volume mount directories, which
prevents them from being unmounted. If the problem persists, restart
NetBackup on the media server.

NetBackup status code: 916
Message: Resource request timed out
Explanation: A job request for resources has failed because resources were not
available before the configured time limit expired. Some jobs may specify a timeout
when they ask for drives or other resources. If jobs consistently cause this error,
more jobs may be scheduled than the number of available drives. The drives in
the resbroker job queue are not completed soon enough to allow new jobs to start
before they time out.
Recommended Action: Distribute the scheduled job start times over a wider
period of time.

NetBackup status code: 917
Message: RB multiplexing group not found
Explanation: The NetBackup Resource Broker (nbrb) has received a request for
an unknown multiplex group ID. This error can be caused by a timing problem
when RB is killed and restarted. It can also be caused by an internal error in nbjm
or nbrb.
Recommended Action: Restart nbjm and nbrb. If the problem persists, write a
problem report with the appropriate logs including the nbjm and nbrb logs.

NetBackup status code: 918
Message: RB does not have a multiplexing group that uses this media id or drive
Explanation: The NetBackup Resource Broker (nbrb) has received a request for
an unallocated media or drive.
RecommendedAction: The nbrbutilcommandmaybe causing this error. Rerun
the command with an allocated media ID or drive. Also, this error may be internal.
If the problem persists, write a problem report with the appropriate logs including
nbjm and nbrb.

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