Symantec NetBackup status code 2101 to status code 2105


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostGres Databases, flat file backups, etc, and provides various other features.

Below are some of the NetBackup status error codes from Status Code 2101 to Status Code 2105 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

NetBackup status code: 2101
Message: Media server not found in EMM database
Explanation: The possible causes include the following:
¦ For a tape backup, the media server that performed the backup is not in the
EMM database.
¦ For an OpenStorage optimized duplication job, the media server in common
between the source environment and the target environment does not have
the credentials for both storage servers.
Recommended Action: Do the following as appropriate:
¦ For a restore from tape, you can use the Force Media Server Restore option to
force NetBackup to replace the missing media server with a new media server.
¦ For optimized duplication, ensure that the media server in common has
credentials for both storage servers. More information about OpenStorage
optimized duplication is available.
See the NetBackup OpenStorage Solutions Guide for Disk.

NetBackup status code: 2102
Message: Storage unit does not support spanning
Explanation: Adisk job has requested a span for a disk type that does not support
Recommended Action: Some disk types do not support spanning. Run the
nbdevconfig -listdg command to determine if a disk group supports spanning.
If this error persists, ensure that enough space is available on your disk storage
units for the new jobs that are running.

NetBackup status code: 2103
Message: Media server mismatch
Explanation: This error may occur when a multiple copy job is configured for
storage units that have no common media server.
Recommended Action: All copies of a multiple copy job must run on the same
media server. Configure storage units that have drive paths or disk access from
a common media server.

NetBackup status code: 2104
Message: Storage units are not available
Explanation: This error may occur for multiple copy jobs that are configured so
that no possible storage unit combination can be used.
Recommended Action: Verify that all criteria in met for the policy with the
storage units that are configured.

NetBackup status code: 2105
Message: Storage unit requested for replication job is not replication capable
Explanation: This error may occur when a replication job requests a storage unit
for write, but the disk that the storage unit calls out is not replication enabled.
Recommended Action: Make sure replication jobs include status configured for
replication enabled disks in their storage unit specifiers.

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