Symantec NetBackup status code 1516 to status code 1519


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases and provides various features.

Below are some of the NetBackup status error codes from Status Code 1516 to Status Code 1519 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

NetBackup status code: 1516
Message: all storage units or groups must be on the same media server
Explanation: The destinations of type Backup specified in storage lifecycle policy
are not accessible by the same media server.
Recommended Action: Verify that all the destinations of type Backup are
accessible by at least one common media server.

NetBackup status code: 1517
Message: Invalid retention level
Explanation: The retention level specified for one or more destinations in storage
lifecycle policy is not valid.
RecommendedAction: Verify that the retention level specified on each destination
in storage lifecycle policy is in the range of 0 to 24.

NetBackup status code: 1518
Message: backup image is not supported by storage lifecycle policy
Explanation: The backup image is un-supported by the configured storage lifecycle
Recommended Action: Do the following, as appropriate:
¦ Verify that if a NetBackup policy is configured to perform snapshot backups
and uses storage lifecycle policy as its storage destination, then the specified
storage lifecycle policy must be configured with a snapshot destination.
Otherwise, backup images created by those NetBackup policies are not
processed further by storage lifecycle policy for any lifecycle operations.
¦ Verify that NetBackup policies using storage lifecycle policy as a storage
destination are not configured to perform “snapshots-only” operations and
they must create backups in addition to snapshots. Storage lifecycle policy
even though configured with a snapshot destination would perform lifecycle
operations on such images only if they have at least one backup copy.

NetBackup status code: 1519
Message: Images are in process
Explanation: The operation in progress cannot complete because the SLP
processing of the images is not complete.
Recommended Action: Wait until the image processing is done, then retry the
operation. Or, terminate the SLP processing for the needed images.

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