Symantec NetBackup status code 1000 to status code 1058


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases and provides various features.

Below are some of the NetBackup status error codes from Status Code 1000 to Status Code 1058 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

NetBackup status code: 1000
Message: Client is offline
Explanation: An attempt was made to run a manual job for a client that is offline.
RecommendedAction: Wait until the client is brought online or manually bring
the client online by using the GUI or the bpclient command before you submit
the manual job.

NetBackup status code: 1001
Message: discovery document error
Explanation: The Policy Execution Manager (pem) is unable to parse the XML
document returned from the discovery operation. This error is an internal error.
Recommended Action: Submit a report with the following items.
¦ Unified logging files on the NetBackup server for nbpem (originator ID 116),
nbjm (117), nbrb (118), and PBX (103). All unified logging is written to
/usr/openv/logs (UNIX and Linux) or install_path\NetBackup\logs
¦ The following legacy logs:
¦ On the NetBackup master server for bpbrm, bpjobd, bpcompatd, bpdbm, and
¦ On the media server for bpcd, bpbrm, and bptm or bpdm
¦ On the client for bpcd and bpbkar
Legacy logs are in subdirectories under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/ (UNIX
and Linux) or install_path\Netbackup\logs\ (Windows). If the directories
do not exist, create directories for each of these processes and rerun the job.
¦ Contents of /usr/openv/db/jobs/trylogs (UNIX and Linux) or
install_path\NetBackup\db\jobs\trylogs (Windows).
¦ bpdbjobs output: run bpdbjobs to obtain the state and status of all jobs.
NetBackup status code: 1002
Message: Discovery detected a failed client
Explanation: The query rules cannot exclude one or more clients, and these clients
cannot be selected for backup. A host name problem may be the cause of this
Recommended Action: See the job details log for more specific information.

NetBackup status code: 1057
Message: A data corruption has been detected.
Explanation: The data consistency check detected a data loss or data corruption
in the Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) and reported the affected backups.
Recommended Action: Search storaged.log on the server for the affected
backups and contact technical support.

NetBackup status code: 1058
Message: A data inconsistency has been detected and corrected automatically.
Explanation: The data consistency check detected a potential data loss and fixed
it automatically in the Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP).
Recommended Action: Search the storaged.log file on the pertinent media
server. Contact support to investigate the root cause if the problem persists.

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