Symantec NetBackup Device management status code 59 to status code 62


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostGres Databases, flat file backups, etc, and provides various other features. These status codes appear in exit status and command output for the ltid,
tpclean, tpreq, and tpunmount commands, and in system or debug logs. Programs
that call those commands, such as media and device management user interfaces
and the vmoprcmd command also presented these codes.

Below are some of the NetBackup Device management status code 59 to status code 62 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

Device management status code 59
Message: No cleaning tape is defined in the device’s robot or 0 cleanings remain.
Explanation: An attempt was made to automatically clean a drive, but no usable
cleaning media is available. Or the number of cleanings that remains for the
cleaning tape is zero.
¦ Ensure that cleaning media was added to the robotic library for each drive
type capable of being cleaned with a separate cleaning cartridge.
¦ Ensure that a positive number of cleanings is available for the cleaning media
in the EMM database for the robotic library. Replace the cleaning tape or
increase the number of cleanings for the cleaning media before the count
reaches zero.
¦ Examine command output, debug logs, and system logs for a more detailed
message on the error.
See “Setting debug logging to a higher level” in the Troubleshooting Guide.

Device management status code 60
Message: Robot daemon and/or robotic hardware is not available
Explanation: A robot was not configured or was operationally unavailable.
Specifically, an attempt may have been made to automatically clean a robotic
drive, but the robot is not defined or is unavailable. Alternatively, on an attempt
to initialize the shared drive lists, a drive was found to be configured as robotic,
without the required robot configured.
Recommended Action: Display the device configuration and ensure that the
drive and robotic configuration information are consistent. Check the operational
status of the robot and robotic software by checking the system log files. If more
detail on robot operational status is needed, increase the level of verbosity by
adding the VERBOSE option in the vm.conf file. Then restart ltid (the device
daemon /NetBackup Device Manager service).

Device management status code 61
Message: No media found in device or robot slot, please verify
Explanation: On a request to mount media, no media was found in the targeted
location before a designated time period had elapsed.
RecommendedAction: Resubmit the request, and mount the media in the targeted
drive before the designated time period has elapsed. Check the device configuration
to ensure the following: that the correct drive name has been configured and that
ltid, the device daemon, was restarted after the last device configuration change
was made.

Device management status code 62
Message: Drive not available in library for mount request
Explanation: A mount request has been canceled because no drive is available.
All compatible drives may be DOWN, or oversubscribed due to other active mount
Recommended Action: Investigate device availability and scheduling/drive
utilization of applications requesting drive resources. Under some conditions,
mount requests are canceled so that they can be reissued at a later time when
compatible drive resources are available.

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