Symantec NetBackup Device management status code 52 to status code 58


Symantec NetBackup product is a backup and recovery product designed for enterprise users. Symantec NetBackup tool can be used to perform backups of SQL Server databases, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostGres Databases, flat file backups, etc, and provides various other features. These status codes appear in exit status and command output for the ltid,
tpclean, tpreq, and tpunmount commands, and in system or debug logs. Programs
that call those commands, such as media and device management user interfaces
and the vmoprcmd command also presented these codes.

Below are some of the NetBackup Device management status code 52 to status code 58 which may be received while using the Symantec NetBackup tool.

Device management status code 52
Message: No robot is defined of this type
Explanation: On internal communications between a robotic daemon or process
and ltid, no robots of the expected type were found actively configured. (ltid is
the Media Manager device daemon on UNIX and Linux or the NetBackup Device
Manager service on Windows.)
RecommendedAction: Display the running robotic processes to see if processes
from a previous configuration are still running. If any are found, terminate them.
Check the installed software components and verify that they are all at a
compatible release version.

Device management status code 53
Message: Request has been queued (Cancel to clear message)
Explanation: A mount request or drive-related operation was queued because
drive resources were in use.
RecommendedAction: Wait until the drive resources become available, or cancel
pending mount requests as needed.

Device management status code 55
Message: Operator denied mount request
Explanation: The operator denied a mount request.
Recommended Action: This error occurs when an administrator or operator
cancels a user or application mount request. The request may have been canceled
for a number of reasons: missing or faulty media or the need to allow other, higher
priority requests to obtain drive resources. Check with the administrator or
operator for more information.

Device management status code 56
Message: Mount canceled, device daemon is terminating
Explanation: Pending mount requests were canceled because the administrator
terminated ltid (the Media Manager device daemon on UNIX and Linux or the
NetBackup Device Manager service on Windows).
RecommendedAction: Wait for ltid to be restarted before you submit the request
again. Check with the administrator as needed to determine daemon or service

Device management status code 58
Message: The device is not robotic, cannot perform cleaning
Explanation: An attempt was made to automatically clean a drive, but the drive
is not in a robotic library.
Recommended Action: Clean stand-alone drives by inserting a cleaning tape
when needed. For non-shared drives, update the cleaning statistics with tpclean
or another user interface that supports cleaning-related operations.

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