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Technology changes very quickly, new features will be introduced with newer versions of SQL Server product and one needs to continuously keep themselves updated and be top in the career. As a SQL Server professional you would want to grow in your career by learning new concepts, new features released with latest versions of SQL Server, existing and new tools used for SQL Server Monitoring, Backups, Security Audit, Performance monitoring and troubleshooting, etc.

Trainings are one of the ways to learn unknown or new concepts, new features and tools. There are many company’s and freelance consultants who offer trainings as per their plan or on demand on particular topics which we are interested in. We can divide instructor based trainings into two categories which are Online Trainings and Classroom Trainings.

Online Trainings – Online trainings also referred as Virtual Trainings that are provided virtually through Web/Internet. These trainings may sometimes provided for free of cost and mostly for money. One needs to register for the online trainings/courses on online training portals and are provided with user login id and password. One can attend these trainings any time in the day and will be available for certain period of time based on the subscription which they buy. Also, there are live online trainings these days where there will be a instructor in some location who will interact and take classes through internet using webcam and headphones for video and audio support.

There are also some free online trainings provided by some company’s to promote their products or Technologies. Example, Microsoft provides some online fee trainings to promote the usage of their Products and Technologies.

Advantages of Online Trainings:

– Online trainings which provide access to already available courses will change less amount of money as these are recordings which can be played any number to times and can be shared with any number of students/professionals without much of additional cost to the training company’s/institutes.

– There is no particular schedule on when you want to attend these trainings, you can attend based on your convenience. Even instructor led online trainings still provides us access with the videos later point of time, even if we missed some classes.

– We can go through the old classes any number of times within time period of the subscription.

Disadvantages of Online Trainings:

– Dependency on infrastructure like Laptop/PC, High-Speed Internet connection, Webcam/Speaker issues, etc.

– May not get that feeling of attending the training and may not feel interesting to attend online trainings.

– Challenges in building rapo/network with Trainers or other students/professionals.

Classroom Trainings – Classroom Trainings are traditional trainings which we all know about. There are training institutes in a physical location where classroom trainings are conducted. Students/professionals registered for the course will sit in a classroom with the instructor taking the classes. These are most often or not paid trainings and happen for certain period like 1 week or 1 month or more depending on the Technology. The above mentioned trainings provide us with some study materiel which one can use to refer later on incase of any doubts.

Advantages of Classroom Trainings:

– More interactive, can discuss questions with instructor and other students in the class.

– Build rapo/network with trainers and other students/professionals.

Disadvantages of Classroom Trainings:

– If we miss a class, we cannot attend it again, need to learn that ourselves or from other students.

– Later, after some days, if we want to revise, we only have study material available.

– Amount of fees may be higher compared to online trainings.

Below are some of the available trainings which you may be interested in.

Free Online Video Sessions on Particular SQL Server Topics:

PASS is an independent, not-for-profit organization run by and for the community. Pass helps Facilitating member networking and the exchange of information through our local and virtual chapters, online events, local and regional events, and international conferences and Delivering high-quality, timely, technical content for in-depth learning and professional development . You can find many free videos in their official website. You will need to register and become a member to access the videos.

Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp worked together with Microsoft and prepared many online trainings geared towards studying for the SQL Server 2008 MCM certification. These videos contain sessions on various interesting SQL Server concepts both inn breadth and depth. It is advisable to go through these videos atleast once for any SQL Server DBA.

Brent Ozar and his team provides some basis SQL Server free training videos. You can find more information about those on their official website.

There are many free videos provided by many company’s/individuals and can be found via quick search through any search engine. You can find many of these videos by searching in youtube as well.

Also, there are plenty of paid online trainings on Microsoft SQL Server available. Some of the paid online trainings are provided by SQLSkills, BrentOzar, Pluralsight, etc.

Classroom trainings are location based, so you would need to search for training institutes at your location.

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