SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 9979 to Error: 10008



Error: 9979, Severity: 10, Warning: During upgrade full-text catalog ‘%ls’ in database ‘%ls’ is set as offline because it failed to be created at path ‘%ls’. Please fix the full-text catalog path and rebuild the full-text catalog after upgrade.
Error: 9980, Severity: 16, Variable parameters can not be passed to fulltext predicates: contains, freetext and functions: containstable, freetexttable applied to remote table.
Error: 9982, Severity: 16, Cannot use full-text search in user instance.

Error: 9983, Severity: 16, The value ‘%ls’ for the full-text component ‘%ls’ is longer than the maximum permitted (%d characters). Please reduce the length of the value.
Error: 9984, Severity: 10, Informational: Full-text %ls population paused for table or indexed view ‘%ls’ (table or indexed view ID ‘%d’, database ID ‘%d’).
Error: 9985, Severity: 16, There is not enough memory to generate a search property list cache. Rerun your full-text indexing statement when more resources are available.
Error: 9986, Severity: 16, A search property list cache cannot be generated during full-text indexing. Attempting to query the registered search properties caused an internal error as indicated by the HRESULT error code, ((HRESULT = ‘0x%08x’).

Error: 9987, Severity: 15, The max gap argument in NEAR clause must be either the word MAX or an integer greater than or equal to 0.
Error: 9988, Severity: 15, The number of query terms in NEAR clause must be less than or equal to 64.
Error: 9998, Severity: 16, The column ‘%.*ls’ cannot be added to a full-text index. Full-text indexes are limited to 1024 columns. When you create a full-text index, add fewer columns.
Error: 9999, Severity: 16, The column ‘%.*ls’ in the table ‘%.*ls’ cannot be used for full-text search because it is a sparse column set.
Error: 10000, Severity: 16, Unknown provider error.
Error: 10001, Severity: 16, The provider reported an unexpected catastrophic failure.
Error: 10002, Severity: 16, The provider did not implement the functionality.
Error: 10003, Severity: 16, The provider ran out of memory.
Error: 10004, Severity: 16, One or more arguments were reported invalid by the provider.
Error: 10005, Severity: 16, The provider did not support an interface.
Error: 10006, Severity: 16, The provider indicated an invalid pointer was used.
Error: 10007, Severity: 16, The provider indicated an invalid handle was used.
Error: 10008, Severity: 16, The provider terminated the operation.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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