SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 9792 to Error: 9812



Error: 9792, Severity: 10, Could not forward the message because forwarding is disabled in this SQL Server instance.
Error: 9793, Severity: 10, The target service name could not be found. Ensure that the service name is specified correctly and/or the routing information has been supplied.
Error: 9794, Severity: 10, The broker mirroring manager has not fully initialized.
Error: 9795, Severity: 10, Could not find the target broker in the local SQL Server instance.
Error: 9796, Severity: 10, The target service name matched a LOCAL route, but there is no service by that name in the local SQL Server instance.

Error: 9797, Severity: 10, Classification has been delayed because the routing information is currently being updated.
Error: 9798, Severity: 16, The message could not be delivered because it could not be classified. Enable broker message classification trace to see the reason for the failure.
Error: 9799, Severity: 10, The connection was closed by the remote end, or an error occurred while receiving data: ‘%.*ls’
Error: 9801, Severity: 16, Error converting %.*ls to %ls. The result would be truncated.
Error: 9802, Severity: 16, The locale identifier (LCID) %d is not supported by SQL Server.
Error: 9803, Severity: 16, Invalid data for type “%ls”.
Error: 9804, Severity: 16, Column or parameter #%d: Invalid fractional second precision %d specified for %ls data type. The maximum fractional second precision is %d.

Error: 9805, Severity: 10, Warning: converting %ls to %ls caused a loss of information.
Error: 9806, Severity: 16, The datepart %.*ls is not supported by date function %.*ls.
Error: 9807, Severity: 16, The input character string does not follow style %d, either change the input character string or use a different style.
Error: 9808, Severity: 16, This session’s YDM date format is not supported when converting from this character string format to date, time, datetime2 or datetimeoffset. Change the session’s date format or provide a style to the explicit conversion.
Error: 9809, Severity: 16, The style %d is not supported for conversions from %s to %s.
Error: 9810, Severity: 16, The datepart %.*ls is not supported by date function %.*ls for data type %s.
Error: 9811, Severity: 16, The system timezone information could not be retrieved.
Error: 9812, Severity: 16, The timezone provided to builtin function %.*ls is invalid.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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