SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 7948 to Error: 7969



Error: 7948, Severity: 10, – Avg. Pages per Extent……………………: %3.1f
Error: 7949, Severity: 10, – Scan Density [Best Count:Actual Count]…….: %4.2f%ls [%I64d:%I64d]
Error: 7950, Severity: 10, – Logical Scan Fragmentation ………………: %4.2f%ls
Error: 7951, Severity: 10, Warning: Could not complete filestream consistency checks due to an operating system error. Any consistency errors found in the filestream subsystem will be silenced. Please refer to other errors for more information. This condition is likely transien
Error: 7952, Severity: 10, – Extent Scan Fragmentation ……………….: %4.2f%ls

Error: 7953, Severity: 10, – Avg. Bytes Free per Page…………………: %3.1f
Error: 7954, Severity: 10, – Avg. Page Density (full)…………………: %4.2f%ls
Error: 7955, Severity: 16, Invalid SPID %d specified.
Error: 7956, Severity: 16, Table error: The FILESTREAM file “%.*ls” for column ID %d was found in column directory ID %.*ls of container ID %d but should be in container ID %d in object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, page ID %S_PGID, slot ID %d.
Error: 7957, Severity: 10, Cannot display the specified SPID’s buffer; in transition.
Error: 7958, Severity: 16, The specified SPID does not process input/output data streams.
Error: 7960, Severity: 16, An invalid server process identifier (SPID) %d or batch ID %d was specified.

Error: 7961, Severity: 16, Object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, alloc unit ID %I64d (type %.*ls) , page ID %S_PGID, row ID %d. Column ‘%.*ls’ is a var column with a NULL value and non-zero data length
Error: 7962, Severity: 16, Invalid BATCHID %d specified.
Error: 7963, Severity: 16, Database error: The file “%.*ls” is not a valid FILESTREAM LOG file in container ID %d.
Error: 7964, Severity: 10, Repair: Deleted FILESTREAM file “%.*ls” for column ID %d, for object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, alloc unit ID %I64d (type %.*ls) on page %S_PGID, slot %d.
Error: 7965, Severity: 16, Table error: Could not check object ID %d, index ID %d, partition ID %I64d, alloc unit ID %I64d (type %.*ls) due to invalid allocation (IAM) page(s).
Error: 7966, Severity: 10, Warning: NO_INDEX option of %ls being used. Checks on non-system indexes will be skipped.
Error: 7968, Severity: 10, Transaction information for database ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 7969, Severity: 16, No active open transactions.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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