SQL Server Errors or Failures from Error: 7711 to Error: 7730



Error: 7711, Severity: 16, The DATA_COMPRESSION option was specified more than once for the table, or for at least one of its partitions if the table is partitioned.
Error: 7712, Severity: 10, Partition scheme ‘%.*ls’ has been created successfully. ‘%.*ls’ is marked as the next used filegroup in partition scheme ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 7713, Severity: 10, %d filegroups specified after the next used filegroup are ignored.
Error: 7714, Severity: 16, Partition range value is missing.
Error: 7715, Severity: 16, The specified partition range value could not be found.
Error: 7716, Severity: 16, Can not create or alter a partition function to have zero partitions.

Error: 7717, Severity: 16, The partition scheme “%.*ls” is currently being used to partition one or more tables.
Error: 7718, Severity: 16, Partition range value cannot be specified for hash partitioning.
Error: 7719, Severity: 16, CREATE/ALTER partition function failed as only a maximum of %d partitions can be created.
Error: 7720, Severity: 16, Data truncated when converting range values to the partition function parameter type. The range value at ordinal %d requires data truncation.
Error: 7721, Severity: 16, Duplicate range boundary values are not allowed in partition function boundary values list. The boundary value being added is already present at ordinal %d of the boundary value list.

Error: 7722, Severity: 16, Invalid partition number %I64d specified for %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’, partition number can range from 1 to %d.
Error: 7723, Severity: 16, Only a single filegroup can be specified while creating partition scheme using option ALL to specify all the filegroups.
Error: 7724, Severity: 16, Computed column cannot be used as a partition key if it is not persisted. Partition key column ‘%.*ls’ in table ‘%.*ls’ is not persisted.
Error: 7725, Severity: 16, Alter partition function statement failed. Cannot repartition table ‘%.*ls’ by altering partition function ‘%.*ls’ because its clustered index ‘%.*ls’ is disabled.
Error: 7726, Severity: 16, Partition column ‘%.*ls’ has data type %s which is different from the partition function ‘%.*ls’ parameter data type %s.
Error: 7727, Severity: 16, Collation of partition column ‘%.*ls’ does not match collation of corresponding parameter in partition function ‘%.*ls’.
Error: 7728, Severity: 16, Invalid partition range: %d TO %d. Lower bound must not be greater than upper bound.
Error: 7729, Severity: 16, Cannot specify partition number in the %S_MSG %S_MSG statement as the %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’ is not partitioned.
Error: 7730, Severity: 16, Alter %S_MSG statement failed because partition number %d does not exist in %S_MSG ‘%.*ls’.

This is applicable on below versions of SQL Server

SQL Server 2005
SQL Server 2008 R2
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2014

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